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Apr 01

Placeable Carwash

Placeable Carwash

Hi LS community
here I have a placeable wash for you.

NOTE: requires large area!

With this you can wash your vehicle without Kärcher. Washing process takes about 1 minute. Prices vary depending on number of contaminated equipment, degree of soiling and cleaning speed set in the vehicle.xml (but are quite realistic)

The mod has a relatively realistic animation (traffic lights, gates, washing brushes, sound and particles).

On entering the hall up to the front of the washing machine, animation and cleaning starts.

The mod has been tested in single player as well as multiplayer with various vehicles and always worked flawlessly.

Vehicles can be washed up to a length of 20 m. Height limit 4.20 m and width restriction about 4 m.

Until now I have not found any vehicle, whether standard or Mod, which doesn’t fit in the car wash. Even the CASE IH AXIAL-FLOW 9230 inclusive 3162 DRAPER 45FT still fits on the length, if you drive through up to front.

Even large appliances such as Kuhn FC and Horsch Pronto 10030 and Maestro are not a problem.

For the reapers an extra cleaning point is available, where you can clean them automatically. (put Cutter on shelf, drive vehicle away, go to the Control Panel, “O” key and the washing process begins after cleaning stop with “O” and the price will be deducted from the account).

The hall is illuminated at night.

The washing procedure in the hall only works if you drive in by the ENTRY, so enter the wrong way does not work.

Since there is no PDA icon for washing in the game, I think at least, I put additionally roadsign into the mod with bilateral labeling to indicate the way to the car wash.

The area where the plant is located, should be reasonably flat, because it can be quite steep else.

I hope I have not forgotten essential.


Mod name: placeableCarwash

Authors: 112TEC | schwaki

Date: 03/2015


Model washing machine: basic model Internet Fund

Traffic sign: partially Nick98_1

Rest: DIY 112TEC | schwaki

Script: 112TEC | schwaki (wash formulas based and UPK Mod of MOR2000)

Animation and Ingaming: 112TEC | schwaki


For me, the log is error-free!

Have fun with it!

1. Publication only with original download link. NOT a substitute Link

2. No publication Neutexturierung, model change or parts of the mods.

Releases I reserve on request.

Download: Placeable Carwash []

Apr 01

SoilMod – Soil Management & Growth Control v2.0.x

SoilMod - Soil Management & Growth Control v2.0.x

– Upgraded to FS15 and changed quite a bit.
– Doubled resolution of ‘soil pH’ levels.
– Changed fertilizer concept to ‘nutrition N & PK’.
– Added extra herbicide types for weed germination prevention (for +3 days).
– Added ‘soil moisture’, so water also affect crop yields.
– Fully grown weed will wither when all ‘nutrition N’ have been used up in the area.
– Restricted switching spray-type on sprayer only when near a fertilizer tank (or similar fill-trigger.)
– Translations by; DD ModPassion, Gonimy_Vetrom, Iscarriah, mngrazy, Ziuta.

Mod description
‘SoilMod’ is a mod, for maps that have been correctly prepared, which attempts to add;
– custom control of growth, so it is following the in-game time,
– a proper use for lime/kalk, as soil pH is now included,
– manure must be ploughed/cultivated to take effect,
– automatic weed propagation and usage of herbicide,
– and a few other effects.

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Mar 30

Light Addon v1.0

Light Addon v1.0

The Light Addon is a global Script.

The script extends the fs standard light functions, so the light and the beacon stays on after leaving the vehicle, also the turnlights are resetted after turning.

Additional there is the possibility to add day drive light and strobelights for mods. How this works you can see in the ReadMe.pdf.

Global, self installing script
1. Link is the Light Add on
2. Link is a modifi MAN Agrar as Sample Mod

Support bekommt Ihr nur auf
Script: Grisu118
Idea: Sven777b/Grisu118
Special thanks to Xentro for his help

lights stay on after leaving a vehicle
turning lights turn off automatically
drive light

Release 22.03.15

Download: Light Addon v1.0 []

Feb 18

Forstmap v1.5.3

Forstmap v1.5.3

Hello Dear Forestry fans I have for you a conversion of the original Bjorn Holm map.
to the map: I have extended the sawmill with Holzpolter and chip inventory, and I can move the biomass power plant to the sawmill also because it fits better there.
new forest areas in relation to the Standartmap sin ehemallige fields: 20th 22nd 27th 32nd 33rd 28th 23
the panels 22, 23, 32, 33 need their self Beflanzen.

The fields belong to you from the beginning are not purchasable from version 1.4.1:
Timber sales on the trigger higher sawmill was set automatic unloading and sale at any trailer as Zugmaschiene:
Sawmill in version 1.4.1 einwenig rebuilt:
some fields have to be Produced with cultivator or flight
the Forstmap is capable MP
1.5.2 in an airfield was added together at the cow pasture, and it Rotates an Antonov An-2 2 Short form their round on the map.
There was also a second sawmill built directly on the farm with many Holzpoltern so you have fun in multiplayer with timber storage
A wind farm is also been added, along with a new dealer

-The Map as far as I am running error-free thanks to the help of MyBlade74 and agriculture of the GDR,
I thank you that you have taken the time you have stood by me in the reaction with rat to the side.
So now written enough fun in the Forstmap

Download: Forstmap v1.5.3 []

Feb 03

AR Forestry v1.6

AR Forestry v1.6

Here I have two setting frame 5.4 m for the forest.

the previous setting frame Timber 5.4 m
the setting frame with timber crane. 5.4 m

The crane comes from Stepa trailer and is also controlled so. So change your car then you get Zumar Timber with crane. He does not have extra supports. he is stabilized by the supports of the setting frame. For this Press x. The first aml have to press zwieimal. Retraction of the supports also on x. The supports are still automatically hide or collapsed during the uncoupling of the frame. Communicates with the supports very stable even at maximum lateral projection while under load. For 5 m tribes.

Download: AR Forestry v1.6 []

Jan 08

Lamborghini R6 125 v1.0.0

Lamborghini R6 125 v1.0.0

technical data
– Engines DEUTZ Euro III turbo intercooler, 4 or 6-cylinder 4038 cc or 6057,
with electronic and common rail injection system
– 100% compatible with biodiesel fuel (B100)
– Powershift transmission with 3-stage, vel. max. 50 km / h, limited to 40
even at economy engine speed (for legal purposes)
– Center hydraulic system open or closed “Load-Sensing”
with variable capacity pump
– Electronic lift with radar and 4-speed PTO
540 / 540ECO / 1000 / 1000ECO
– Maximum comfort guaranteed by the front axle suspension and cab
with spring suspension or automatically controlled hydraulic
– New Cabin “sound proof” with double glass chamber and internal inserts made
in sound-absorbing materials

Download: Lamborghini R6 125 v1.0.0 []

Jan 07

Universal Manipulate v0.2

Universal Manipulate v0.2

Wunsch Trailer ! Wunsch Capacity ! Andere Manipulationen ! Hier kommt die Lösung
Dieser Mod gibt euch die Möglichkeit, eure LS 15 Geräte nach euren wünschen zu Manipulieren.
Dabei habe ich auf eine einigermaßen Benutzerfreundliche Bedienung gesetzt. Weshalb alle Wunsch Manipulationen über eine Configurations Settings Xml Datei von ausserhalb gesteuert werden.
Dabei muss und soll man natürlich auch gewisse Vorgaben beachten.
Der Mod ist natürlich SP und MP fähig. Und kann auch deine Mods Manipulieren.
Achuntg !! Der Mod ist noch eine lauffähige Beta Version und es ist durch aus möglich das sich gewisse Einstellungen noch ändern und darum eure Eintragungen in der Configurations Datei neu gesetzt werden muessen.
Der Mod wird immer weiter Entwickelt und mit neuen Funktionen ausgestattet werden. Wobei ich auch offen bin für Vorschläge, Verbesserungen oder Anregungen.

v0.2 ready:

script optimierung
mp/sp optimierung
kleiner bugfixes
sowing manipulation hinzugefügt
universalManipulateSettings.xml umgestellt
accept werte gelöscht
automatic completion umgestellt
einzelne manipulations kategorien können jetzt bei bedarf true oder false gestellt werden
first start optimiert

Was heisst das für euch ! Eure universalManipulateSettings.xml bitte löschen oder kopieren. Alle Manipulationen sind deaktiviert(false) und muessen von euch erst bei bedarf aktivert(true) werden. Dadurch habt ihr mehr Einfluss auf das was gemacht werden soll. Alle Accept Werte werden jetzt in den Phantom_…. Geräten gespeichert. Diese werden immer vom Mod Automatisch Aktualisiert und gesetzt. Dort seht ihr dann alle Werte die man setzen kann in der Kategorie.Diese sollte ihr NICHT löschen oder bearbeiten, weil sie werden sonst immer wieder neu erstellt.

Im Multiplayer werden keine Daten mehr vom Server gesetzt. Diese muesst ihr auf eurem Rechner setzen und dann die XML Datei einfach hoch laden.

Die AutomaticCompletion wird jetzt seperat beandelt und gilt für alle Kategorien. Auch diese muss von euch erst Aktiviert werden um sie nutzen zu können. Danach sollte ihr sie wieder Deaktivieren.Das spart Zeit.


trailer Manipulation Erweiterung
sowing Manipulation
vehicle Manipulation
cutter Manipulation
shovel Manipulation
fertilizer Manipulation
auto Register Fruit
placeble Manipulation

Implements Features:

trailer Manipulation(capacity,fillTypes,overloadingCapacity)
sowing Manipulation(capacity,fillTypes,seedFruitTypes)

Configurations Settings: universalManipulateSettings.xml

Die Configurations Datei ist in eurem LS 15 Game/Save Ordner zufinden, dort wo auch die inputSettings.xml etc. liegen. Für Server Betreiber die meinen sie können auf diese Datei nicht zugreifen, da sage ich mal das Stich Wort “FTP Zugriff”. Das wird von allen Server Betreibern angeboten.

Die Datei wird beim ersten Start Automatisch erzeugt und alles wird auf false gestellt. Diese muesst ihr erst entsprechend Aktivieren.

In dieser Datei könnt ihr dann eure Manipulationen zu denn jeweiligen Sachen eintragen. Dabei werden in dieser Datei auch Phantom_… Accept Werte für jede Kategorie vorgegeben, diese dienen euch auch als Orientierung und Hilfe.

Wichtig!! Eine Änderung dieser Accept Werte bringt euch nichts und könnten den Spielbetrieb negativ beeinflussen.

Auch sollten die Vorgaben und Richtlinien beachtet werden. Wie sagt man: Nicht der Computer macht Fehler sondern der Benutzer.

Configurations Settings Aufbau: Bsp für Trailer Manipulation

Download: Universal Manipulate v0.2 []

Jan 07

Case Puma 160 FL V2 (Ploughing Spec)

Case Puma 160 FL V2 (Ploughing Spec)

The tractor has:
– Mod plowing
– Opening the door, rear window and sunroof with the mouse [Panel IC]
– Added lighting in the cabin
– Removable front fenders on approach
– Animated steering column [Panel IC]
– Kosnola to round Stoll 6 key
– Mobile fenders
– Mirrors
– The Dirty (Dirty slowly the wheels first, then gradually tractor)
– Washable
– Animation steering
– Traces of tires
– Automatically adjustable rear hitch
– Animation hands farmer
– Animated hydraulics
– Full lighting, direction
– Dust from the tires
– Counters and speed of rotation
– Clean Blog
– A new skin
– New wheels

Download: Case Puma 160 FL V2 (Ploughing Spec) []

Jan 07

UniversalProcessKit v0.9.3

UniversalProcessKit v0.9.3

The UniversalProcessKit (UPK) is not a mod in the actual sense, but it extends to LS15 functionality to make it easier for modders to equip buildings with features. It does not matter if the building is to be placed anywhere or can be installed.
The name is English and is pronounced roughly “Junni-Wörsel Proßess putty”. It literally means “comprehensive processing kit”.
Version: The development of the mod is not finished, I extend it all the time, fixed bugs etc.pp.

To get a glimpse of how it is been used so, here are some links to mods that use it:
– Placeable pile
– Apfelmod
– ROS Fruits And Berries
– ROS warehouses

This kit consists of various modules, whose actions are triggered by the player or which become active depending on the level. It can also be enhanced by self-programmed modules.
The configuration of the UPK mods is controlled solely via User Attributes in the i3d Mapper and “use” Modder the functions easy (as the functions of the Giants scripts also.) – It is not necessary / allowed the UPK “bridge” to.
Admittedly sets the UPK the properties of the modules not completely automatically (it does not know what you’re up to it) and you need to incorporate a bit if you want to use it in your mod. This can of course be connected in the beginning with frustration. Nevertheless, the only alternative would be to program your mod from scratch.
On the GitHub page is a documentary about how modules are, what they do and how to configure them. There are also a number of Beispielmods that show how the configuration is implemented. To create a simple tilting-bearings-filling-Mod is ne matter of a few minutes.
Mods that use the UPK are automatically multiplayer capability.

As Mapper, modders and players alike: Simply put the zip in the mod folder and is good it is not allowed him to maps or mods integrate directly..
Errors / error messages: Since it is not apparent to players if the UPK has an error or the mod has been configured incorrectly, please contact you only the modders do so. He then comes up to me, if it is not on his mod.

Download: UniversalProcessKit v0.9.3 []

Jan 06

Claas Xerion 3800 Trac VC

Claas Xerion 3800 Trac VC

Has been installed / updated:
– Fully animated cab with automatic drive
– Fully animated interior
– Tachometer (analog)
– Digital speedometer
– Folding passenger seat
– The exhaust particles
– Sounds added back
– Added shine
– Amended complete lighting system
– Improved traction
– Fixed texture

Download: Claas Xerion 3800 Trac VC []

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