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Oct 24



hello and welcome to Aussie farms, in this map you will find 2 farms designed on 2 different types of Australian farms but are fictional places.
One is a dry land farm and the second is an irrigation based farm which mainly grows cotton but other crops can also be grown here. # (note the irrigation channels are just for show they do not work).
There is 9 different crops, wheat, canola (rape), barley, corn, soybean, pea, oat, sorghum, and cotton but there is no dairy so therefore no place to store silage/grass
Both farms have plenty of storage for equipment and it would be a good idea to have some large equipment for this map.
The map has been tested and should be almost error free but if there is any thay do not play up with game play.
In the zip u will find the map plus 3 other mods need to play the map.

Big thanks go’s out to seederman for helping with mapping issues + adding some extra fruits to the map he was a big help, Rustydog for the letting me use his map as a base for me and also answering some mapping questions and sandgroper for also helping with the map and fixing the errors which I had no idea how to do :)

The following mods are needed for this map:
– MapWeightstationMod
– PDAmod_WorkersAndMultiFruit
– MapSuperSiloTrigger

Sandgroper mods:
Shearing Shed

Download: Aussiefarms []
Download: Aussiefarms []

Oct 27

New Holland CR9090 Aussie edit

New Holland CR9090 Aussie edit

made to be more aussie/american style
added grain tank top and unloading auger
also made the distance between the wheels a little wider

thank to Aussie_guy for adding the fruit plains to fit the tank extensions

fruits: wheat rape maize barley alfalfa clover cotton
gelbbo grass greenwheat gruenbo mohn oat pea peanut
rice rye sorghum sorghumv2 milo soybean sugarcane
sunflower tobacco sorghumv2 soybeanv2 milo corn

NHCR9090_2011_v11_multi by wohlstandskind
compus lua by JACK
fruit planes added by jb3pc4sale
Fruit planes to suit grain tank extension , grain tank extension
and auger added and edited by Aussie_Guy & Rustydog

Download: New Holland CR9090 Aussie edit []
Download: New Holland CR9090 Aussie edit []

May 05

Hohenstein v 1.0

Hohenstein v 1.0

Ich möchte vorallem darauf hinweisen, dass ich auch nur ein Schüler bin, der einen Teil seiner Freizeit dafür opfert um Maps für die Community zu erstellen. Genau aus diesem Grund sind meine Maps auch nicht perfekt, dass sage ich aus dem Grund, da die Anforderungen der Community immer hoher werden und immer jeder Fehler auf die Goldwage gelegt wird, so viel sollte berücksichtig werden.

So nun zur Map:

Auf der Map finden sie volgendes:
– 3 Detailverliebte Höfe
– eine Biogasanlage
– einen Aussiedlerstall
– zahlreiche Flächen
– flaches bis bergiges Terrain
– das Dorf Hohenstein+
– Billinger Landhandel
– Schafs, -Kuhweide und Hühner
– Nichlas Landtechnik, der ihnen ihre Fahrzeuge liefert
– angepasstes PDA
– vielerlei Funktionen im älteren Hof

Download: Hohenstein v 1.0 []
Download: Hohenstein v 1.0 []