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Mar 30

Light Addon v1.0

Light Addon v1.0

The Light Addon is a global Script.

The script extends the fs standard light functions, so the light and the beacon stays on after leaving the vehicle, also the turnlights are resetted after turning.

Additional there is the possibility to add day drive light and strobelights for mods. How this works you can see in the ReadMe.pdf.

Global, self installing script
1. Link is the Light Add on
2. Link is a modifi MAN Agrar as Sample Mod

Support bekommt Ihr nur auf
Script: Grisu118
Idea: Sven777b/Grisu118
Special thanks to Xentro for his help

lights stay on after leaving a vehicle
turning lights turn off automatically
drive light

Release 22.03.15

Download: Light Addon v1.0 []

Feb 07

Euro-Agrar Map v0.98.4

Euro-Agrar Map v0.98.4

The map offered here is complete still in beta status and not complete.
It is fully playable, but still has a few small Logfehler which are still being resolved.

The map is a conversion of the Björnholm and is based on the DtP map of Mario Diek (thanks for sharing)
The following mods are required:
AnimationMapTrigger of vertexdezign
AAA_UniversalProcessKit of mor2000

The following changes were made to the map:
Cow & sheep pen directly on the farm (Wassermod installed)
On the sheepfold Woolpalletecollector was installed
Bearing on the farm conveyors me
Yard is fully fenced
Mixing station installed at the court of Marhu
Water pump (original TMT) with 25.000l capacity (requires 1.5 days for the filling)
Instead of the old “Kuhhofes” there is the Forstho
large hall (of boertje96) with workshop incl. LiftMaster (of vanillaice83) and a second small hall.
Schweinemasthof with interim storage for feed and ball bearings
Outlets for pigs (Metzger & Slaughterhouse)
Dealer was umgbaut (DtPMap)
Gas station next to the dealer
DtP-country trade against heat and power plant
Installed Abladehilfe the sawmill
I am open to suggestions. If someone finds errors, please just let me know so I can correct it for the next version.

Download: Euro-Agrar Map v0.98.4 []

Jan 01

Thuringer Agrar Header Trailers with Locking Script

Thuringer Agrar Header Trailers with Locking Script

These are the two stock combine harvester header trailers from FS15.
I have added the objectAttacher script from FS13 (seems to work ok) to secure the headers in place during transportation.
Press ‘O’ to toggle lock on/off (see help text).
Hope this helps until Giants get their dynamicAttacher issue fixed.

Download: Thuringer Agrar Header Trailers with Locking Script []

Dec 16

Bergmann HTW85 MAN TGS v1.0

Bergmann HTW85 MAN TGS v1.0

Viel Spaß
mit dem
Bergmann HTW 85
und dem

chaff grass_windrow woodChips
68500 Liter
Dieser Mod wird exclusive bei

Download: Bergmann HTW85 MAN TGS v1.0 []

Nov 13

Mercedes Zetros Trucks v2.0

Mercedes Zetros Trucks v2.0

Hello Dear Bäuerrinnen and farmers

Today, you are presenting the workshop manager Modding workshop the new Mercedes Zetros 1833 Tractor !!

Mercedes Benz

The vehicle will be delivered free of charge in order in your favorite color for farm equipment dealer of your confidence.

The Zetros is available in all colors gänigen. Also you can choose the basic equipment when ordering,
so you have the opportunity to be the vehicle to equip one for the pure road transport, on the other hand, they can also be ordered agricultural equipment.

Standard equipment road / agricultural execution
6 cylinder in-line OM 926 LA diesel engine capacity 7,2L Euro5
240kW / 326 hp
Permanent all-wheel drive
automatic Transmission
Board computer with multi-function display
KM / H, RPM and Hour meter

Front tires 450 R50 22.5
Rear 450 R50 22.5
Anängerzugvorrichtung for Full trailers
V Max 80Km / H

Front tires 500 R60 22.5
Rear 550 R60 22.5
Dual flashing beacons
Anängerzugvorrichtung for Full trailers
V Max 80Km / H

Purchase price € 265 000
€ 95 Maintenance / day

Download: Mercedes Zetros Trucks v2.0 []

Sep 20

Bantikow Reloaded 2014 v1.0

Bantikow Reloaded 2014 v1.0

Bantikow Reloaded 2014
by TLS ModdingAndiScaniaMoppel Agricultural Service Möller
You can expect a natural landscape in an idyllic location, a village in the East Prignitz, a place where time stood still ist.Was has changed – New John Deere dealer New BGA changed fields – many upgrades (which in 20 years as modified) – Chopped straw mod installed as standard much more … Just allow your soul, between lakes and fields dangle something and enjoys playing the unique atmosphere of this Gegend.Ihr take over a former LPG which is fully functional and leads them into the modern Agrarwirtschaft.Übernehmt responsibility for the former employee, the animals and the Landschaft.Modernisiert the fleet and enjoy the workflow from seed to harvest.
The map has a few new features erweitert.Eine Pig has been added, the Me livestock system has moved and has been completely erneuert.Der country trade was a more appropriate old grain marketing ersetzt.Es many new farms were created, lanes more realistic, newly created some fields, it is a potato traders to come as a new outlet, the landscape was embellished with lots of little details and enriched by the new village “Tornow”, but let yourself be surprised ….

Download: Bantikow Reloaded 2014 v1.0 []
Download: Bantikow Reloaded 2014 v1.0 []

Sep 08

MAN TGS Pack v1

MAN TGS Pack v1

Hiermal ein MAN TGS Agrar pack für euch, es sind nur die verschiedenen LKW´s dabei. Bitte entpacken.

Download: MAN TGS Pack v1 []
Download: MAN TGS Pack v1 []

Jun 04

Big European Map v2.0

Big European Map v2.0


Beta 2
The beta 1 and 2 encompass the complete remodeling of the main farm and add new features to the map. All objects have license and can be found on the respective websites.
The credits are still being drawn up and the final version may change.
You will find a new farm, more modern and more feature version 1.0.

General characteristics of the map:
– Agrar Fliegerv1.3.4b
– MapSiloBand v2.5.2
– WoolPaletteCollector v1.3.1
– Schweinemast v1.0.3 (pigs)
– RinderMast V 1.0 (beefs)
– WaterMod v3.0.1
– MischStation v2.3.6
– Oberthalbacher Landhandel rebuild v 1.0
– Forgotten Plants V 1.0 Realistic Texture
– Gülle Mist und Kalk Mod 2.1.0
– New cowzone, refurbished, new barn.
– new farm silos (complet pack v2)
– Brauerei Mit Produktion V 3.0

Models, objects, scripts from:

For you to enjoy all the features of the map, you need:

ManureMod: (Open the file, click on Mod, extract the file inside your map folder).


Welcome to the farm of the highest technology in the world!
Here you can explore the various areas of agriculture and become a successful farmer.

Final version 1.0:
-> Help Icons Fixed Position
-> Fixed problem with the ground when harvested after spraying
-> Pesticide Station and seedStation
-> Signs
-> Conversion textures
-> Land with grass texture
-> Fixed several bugs
-> new cowsilos (6 total)
-> new hall, Pole Barn on the cowplex
-> Special care of the landscaping
-> new constructions
-> Elimination of problematic objects

All these possibilities require in some cases the use of special equipment and the technical field to achieve 100% yield:
cattle needs to be well supplied with a balance of pasture, hay and silage.
The fields need to be sprayed to achieve 100% of production.

General characteristics of the map v1.0:
-> Large tracts of land for a mega production.
-> Fields planned.
-> green vegetation surrounds almost all crops.
-> own site for deployment of greenhouses, stock straw bales.
-> Complex grain storage (silos with elevators and bins for loading).
-> Several points of sales with varying prices.
-> Garage machines with gas station and filling station semenetes, fertilizer and pesticide.
-> Initial daily income of about $ 20,000 / h or $ 480.000/Day for free equipment investment hight-tec.
-> TOTAL AREA: 303,45
-> TOTAL PRICE: 17.897.930,56

NOTE v1.0:
field 01 = 3.133.670/4000 = 783,4175 = 78,35 ha. PRICE = 4.621.199,07
field 02 = 6.155.425/4000 = 1538,85625 = 153,89 ha. PRICE = 9.076.660,19
field 03 = 1.349.568/4000 = 337,392 = 33,73 ha. PRICE = 1.989.445,37
field 04 = 364.521/4000 = 91,13025 = 9,11 ha. PRICE = 537.321,30
field 05 = 347.717/4000 = 86,92925 = 8,70 ha. PRICE = 513.138,89
field 06 = 493.678/4000 = 123,4195 = 12,34 ha.PRICE = 727.831,48
field 07 = 293.358/4000 = 73,3395 = 7,33 ha. PRICE = 432.334,26

Map: Tiago Piloneto (FBT Modding)
Seed bags with original logos:
Map MR Hagenstedt v 3 by Jabba42 and Sylvio86

Farm silos:
Map Mecklenburg Vorpommern
by:Tommy_r and Maurermatze

Beta v0.8
General characteristics of the map (including the game farming Simulator 2013).
-> Major crops for cultivation of wheat, barley, rape, maize, sugar beet and potato.
-> Investment in clean and renewable energy:
-> A biogas plant
-> Torres Wind Power
-> The Solar Panels
-> Investment in greenhouses for growing tomatoes, lettuce and herbs
-> Investment in honey production
-> Investment in the dairy sector, milk cows
-> Investment in sheep
-> Create some chickens

NOTE v0.8:
Time of growth (solution = increase)
form ms min/stages min h
2.4e+007 = 24000000ms = 400min/4 = 100min = 1h40min
4.82+007 = 48000000ms = 800min/4 = 200min = 3h20min
7.2e+007 = 72000000ms = 1200min/4 = 300min = 5h

The solution was quite simple. Increase the time for growth stage (5h). The same used on other maps.
However, you must put the game time in the real time and plant growth in slow.

Beta v0.9
I come here to clarify that all the bugs have been fixed map successfully.
However, one problem still persists. He is known and does not compromise the quality of the game:
The texture of the silo should be DXT3, because the stairs. But I can not apply this kind of texture that the stairs are silos and “brilliant.” Not applying DXT1, the stairs are filled with black.

The only solution is to open the mod in 3Ds or Maya and to separate silos of stairs. Thus, in silos applies DXT1 DXT3 and down the stairs.

-> Help Icons Fixed Position
-> Water and seed Tiggers
-> Fixed problem with the ground when harvested after spraying
-> Pesticide Station and seedStation
-> Land with dirt texture
-> Fixed several bugs
-> Conversion textures
-> Reshaping objects in 3ds
-> Eggs in the right place
-> Painting the ground (in some parts)
-> Optimization of the textures (ls2011)

NOTE v0.9:
I come here to clarify that all the bugs have been fixed map successfully.
However, one problem still persists. He is known and does not compromise the quality of the game:
The texture of the silo should be DXT3, because of the stairs. But I can not apply this kind of texture.” Applying DXT3, the stairs are filled with black.
The only solution is to open the mod in 3Ds or Maya and to separate “silos” of stairs. Thus, applies in the silos DXT3 and DXT3 on the stairs.

Download: Big European Map v2.0 []
Download: Big European Map v2.0 []

Apr 30

Benz Nordwestmecklenbug v1.31

Benz Nordwestmecklenbug v1.31

Benz Nordwestmecklenburg, so heißt sie unsere neue Map für den Landwirtschafts Simulator 2013.
Benz ist ein kleines Dorf im idyllischen Nordwesten von Mecklenburg, nicht weit entfernt von der Hansestadt Wismar. Die Karte ist getreu der Gegend rundum Das Feriendorf Benz gebaut, die großen Felder und Wiesen sind typisch für diese Region und lassen für Großbauern und Agrarflächendesigner keine Wünsche offen. Es gibt aber auch viele kleine Details die man erst beim genaueren betrachten erkennt. Lassen sie sich von der Landschaftsidylle inspirieren und starten sie in neue Dimensionen der Agrarwirtschaft.
Diese Version ist eine Komplett überarbeitete und neu aufgearbeitete V1 Viele Bugs und Wünsche wurden berücksichtigt!

Auf der Map findet ihr:
– große Felder
– eine Agrargenossenschaft mit Milchproduktion (Kühe sind angepasst)
– Getreidetrocknung
– Zuckerrübenfabrik
– Schweinemast (ohne Schweinemod, dient als Verkaufsstelle für Rüben und Weizen)
– freiliegende Misthaufen
– 3D Feldwege
– kleine Seen
– ausgedehnte Wälder
– 3 Dörfer ( Benz, Gamehl, Karlsow )

-Getreidehalle mit verbautetm SuperSiloTrigger —>>> Wird benötigt! —>>> (
-Sand und Kiesgrube -> Sand kann an der Bausstelle in Benz verkauft werden
-Komplett neuer Hof mit neuer Biogasanlage
-Ei & Wolle kann beim Laden in Benz verkauft werden
-Neue Texturen darunter komplett neue Grastextur!
-Neuer PDA
-Und sonst noch viele neue Details
-Kartoffeln können nun geerntet werden!
-Gülle und Mist mod

– Eckert35
– Polska
– maurermatze
– Eifok
– Fatian
– Rubiks
– Lexion_780
– Patti
– Buschi
– bullgore
-El Cid
– diverse polnische Modder

Download: Benz Nordwestmecklenbug v1.31 []
Download: Benz Nordwestmecklenbug v1.31 []

Apr 09

Bell UH1D Agrar v 2.0

Bell UH1D Agrar v 2.0

Speed 225 km / h Open all doors, manual ignition, odometer, altimeter, compass, rear view camera, script passenger, additional cameras, realistic exhaust. Freezes in place.

Requires patch 2.0 and above

Credits: Armed Assault, Schwaki[112TEC]

Download: Bell UH1D Agrar v 2.0 []
Download: Bell UH1D Agrar v 2.0 []

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