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Sep 24

T 16M v 1.0

T 16M v 1.0

Tractor with interchangeable bodies. Speed ​​of 30 km / h. Lighting fixtures. Handbrake plugmod, rear hitch, realistic exhaust, dust from the wheels, washable. The first body type: wheel loader (attachments is not supplied). Second crane (attachments is not supplied). Third, seeds, fertilizers. Fourth: fuel. Fifth: milk and water (2000 liters). Sixth: mower. Seventh: transports: wheat, barley, canola, corn, potatoes, sugar beet, silage, straw, grass, sunflower, forage ration, manure, fertilizer, wood chips (2000 L).

Requires patch 2.0 and higher



Download: T 16M v 1.0 []
Download: T 16M v 1.0 []

Sep 24

Case 9120 Axial Flow Multifruit Pack v 1.2

Case 9120 Axial Flow Multifruit Pack v 1.2

In Pack includes:

– Case 9120 Axial Flow Combine
– Case 9120 Axial Flow + Tidue 23T24 Combine
– Case Varifeed 10.7 m Cutter
– Case Varifeed 6.7 m Cutter
– Case Corn Cutter
– Case Cutter Trailer

Elli, LUNitro

Download: Case 9120 Axial Flow Multifruit Pack v 1.2 []
Download: Case 9120 Axial Flow Multifruit Pack v 1.2 []

Sep 22

La Ferme Limousine 2013 v1.0

La Ferme Limousine 2013 v1.0

V1.0 de La Ferme Limousine 2013
Willkommen in der Top Limousin, speziell in der Region Haute-Vienne “Frankreich”.
Sie sind verantwortlich und Inhaber von einem kleinen Bauernhof typisch für Hoch Limousin
Mischen Getreideanbau und Landwirtschaft Rinder / Schafe.
Der Fall hat einen kleinen Bauernhof und Landwirtschaftsgebiet, dass in einem kleinen Ort namens “La Couture” von einem kleinen Fluss “Issoire” gekreuzt
Einige alte Geräte und ein paar Hektar Land und vor können Sie den Vorgang zu starten.
Ich hoffe, dass diese kleine Karte, die Sie mögen. Ich wünsche Ihnen viele schöne Stunden des Spiels.

– 3 Bauernhöfe
– 40 + Anbau Domain
– 3 landwirtschaftlichen Genossenschaften
– 1 Speicher
– 1 Konzession
– 1 Schlachthof
– 1 Lime Karriere
– Eine BGA
– 12 möglichen Kulturen: Weizen, Gerste, Raps, Hafer, Mais, Sonnenblumen, Zuckerrüben, Kartoffeln, Hirse,

Luzerne, Klee, Gras.
– Tiere: Kuh, Schaf, Huhn, Schwein, Rind, Boeuf_F3 -> Verkauf von Milch, Eier, Schweine und Rinder.
– SoilMod installiert
– Dark Night installiert
– Morgen-Nebel installiert
– Gebäude Wald Mod installiert

Voraussetzungen: (Das Paket beinhaltet alle notwendigen Mods, es sei denn, MoreRéalistic MapDoorTrigger und alternative Kippen, für sich selbst hinzufügen)
– MoreRéalistic (nicht fourni dans le-Paket)
– MapHoseRefStation
– ZZZ_addMultiFruit
– ZZZ_multiFruitModule_Standard
– ZZZ_GreenFertilizer
– ZZZ_ChoppedStraw
– PDAMod
– PDAModPlugins_SoilCondition
– SoilManagement
– ForstMod (facultatif) Bâtiment Déjà Installe sur la carte!
– Freelance Modding équipe: SoilMods
– Peter Bull & Gore: Multi Terrain Winkel de détail

Download: La Ferme Limousine 2013 v1.0 []
Download: La Ferme Limousine 2013 v1.0 []

Sep 10

Steffens Land 2014 v2.1.0.2 Multifruit

Steffens Land 2014 v2.1.0.2 Multifruit

Wheat, barley, canola, corn, sugar beet, potato, spelled, oats, rye, millet, Carrot, Tomato, Strawberry are
Harvest ripe soon.
Other fruits are available when needed, but NotE you must harvest them completely or the same fruit
new aussäen.Unterpflügen not work.
Energy pasture, poppy, hops, soybean, clover, alfalfa, sunflower, cotton, triticale, green wheat, turnip greens

Lime, Fertilizer, sand, gravel, earth, beer, water, bread

3DFeldwege, Agrola gas station, railway station, railway crossing, BauernhausV2, Mountain Hall, Biogas Plant (in part),
Boat (yacht), distillery, bridges, CAT garage, drive-through barn, Edeka, farm silos, silos fruit,
Garage02R, New garage, garden centers (part of), House (walkable), cowshed,
Stock standard-lime-Fertilitzer, country store, Landi, Guidance bar, Lighthouse, Lidl,
Stalls, mixing station, Old Streets, butcher, silage mountain, Small Tip Station,
stableGarageNew_v1.3, Straw CHP, straw power plant, tanks truck workshop,
Shelter with spotlights, Waage_24, WATER STATION, ZuckerfabrikVLS13, Wood House,
Washing hall, hall with crane, bakery, brewery (Graf-Arco).
Furthermore, some HD textures are installed.
Unzip the RAR file and the files needed zip steffensLand2014 / dds for the MapViewer in your
Modfolder move.
This map was created with the Gaints editor 5.5.2 64 bit.
Have fun Gray 12

Download: Steffens Land 2014 v2.1.0.2 Multifruit []
Download: Steffens Land 2014 v2.1.0.2 Multifruit []

Sep 02

Meinhof v3.0

Meinhof v3.0

Hello LS fans welcome to my yard.
This map was built in countless hours.
The playability of the court was supplemented by some extensions to the single player as well as to facilitate the work of the multi-players.
These are:
Feed store – Feed Mixing – Water – Grain Silos – pork, and beef cattle – butcher – brewery with attached potato and beet distillery.
After long and difficult negotiations with the municipality Hagenstedt it is now possible to make a part of the public road to be able to use near a cow pasture, so the subsequent land could be acquired at a feed store to build on their own initiative.
Cows near the farm – sheep are not moved yet but will follow. The wool pallets sale has been moved to the mill, where the filled wool range will be on sale. You can trigger the sale or use here at the former spinning mill.
6 manure storage areas and four manure basins were distributed over the map. These are close in pig farm 001 fillable.
In the nursery you can buy manure – sell – store – and remove the stored manure. Please search thee out of the range which is also available at MH, a manure transport cask is suitable to sell manure, with which you can also fill the manure basin.
A feed storage of silage filler was formerly installed on the huge newly built BGA golf course. Usable he is also chopped. So you can remove the chaff from the feed store and the cow silo fill. The silos were reduced in volume to also come to condense times. It is also possible, if too much straw is available to fill the new clamp in each second in order to produce silage. One of the manure basin has been converted to refer to the stored manure. Entered fruit here was built between the shelters near field 4 Country dealer is a fruit triggers, you can see on the farm again.
Everything else you can find out for yourself when you play.

Download: Meinhof v3.0 []
Download: Meinhof v3.0 []

Aug 24

Starowies By TheMasteRTeamTV

Starowies By TheMasteRTeamTV

So the map is:
– One fully playable Economy
– Pushed out manure from the barn to the prism
– septic tank
– Turn down the barn (gets up straw)
– Feeding in the barn
– Opened the door to the “O” not zero (work on multi)
– silage
– Multi Silo (rash storage in the barn)
– Giving water to the cows, hens
– Multi terrain
– Weight on buying (Works)
– Lime visible on the field
– Purchased lime
– Manure cesspool visible on the field
– The Milkmaid
– Disputes acreage of forest to be felled
– Added ForestMod tree on the map (mod needed to download)
– Sawmill
– Machine shop and a sale
– ATM if necessary funding
– 2 Skupy different crop prices
– Sale of straw on the Farm
– The sale of eggs to another farm
– village
– A new look of straw
– New textures crops
– Interesting commuting routes
– Map does not have mistakes of the log (unless we do not add to the mods Forestmod)
– And many others whose possible because I forgot to describe here

Download: Starowies By TheMasteRTeamTV []

Aug 24

MilkFarm v2 MP

MilkFarm v2 MP

Hello everyone,

Here is for all of you the MilkFarm V2 Its not a very large map so you can play good in singleplayer.
But it is big enough to play it in Multiplayer. You will find nice surroundings in the map.

Whats new in V2;

Manure & Lime mod added
New Textures
New Trees
New PDA Map
New Waterplane
Fields are numbered
Icons added on PDA

Extra Information.

You can sell Eggs and Wool add the Country Trade.
You can buy Lime and Fertilizer at the Country Trade.
You can load Fertilizer and Seeds at the Farm.
You can sell the milk at the Country Trade
Start vehicles are at the Vehicle Shop

What can you find in the map;

2 Farms
A village
33 Fields

Barley, Wheat, Canola, Mais, Potatoes, Sugar beets.

Download: MilkFarm v2 MP []
Download: MilkFarm v2 MP []

Aug 21

Richard Western SF14 [Premium Version]

Richard Western SF14 [Premium Version]

Here I present the converted and updated Richard Western SF14

Here we have a beautiful British trailer originally made for FS2011 by Russ and Olii of SCR modding, Since the trailer made 2011 I have constantly used it and found it to be one of my favorite’s. It is well made, textured and in-gamed, For 2013 I have done a fair bit of work to make this even more of a quality mod.

Original features
Silage sides on key (numpad 9)
Rear steer wheels
Unique monocoque design with tapered body
Double acting hydraulic tailgate with rubber seal
Mudflaps and mudguards
22.5 inch wheels with wide 560/50 tires
Cup and Ball type hitch

My changes for 2013 + Premium changes
Light script plus all new light decals (numpad 1,2,3)
Made to scale and adjusted weight
Adjusted and improved textures along with adding specular maps
Changed rear work light to orange warning strobe
New front hose setup
Beets and spuds added
14 ton trailer with a loading capacity of 18000 for grain/root and 30000 for grass/silage
Multiplayer tested
New wheels by BM Modding

Download: Richard Western SF14 [Premium Version] []
Download: Richard Western SF14 [Premium Version] []

Aug 13

Krampe BS900 MultiFruit Four Acres Farm Edition

Krampe BS900 MultiFruit Four Acres Farm Edition

Krampe BS900 MultiFruit – Four Acres Farm Edition
What’s New …
– Added Red Beets, Sweet Corn/Potato, & Wood Chips
– Fixed Errors with v1.2 release
– Corrected Drive Particles placement code
– Added WheelSpec Particle script
– Reverted Schemas back to stock
– Tested & Works!

Of course, this wagon/trailer pack is matched up with the Grimme Maxtron 620 – Four Acres Farm Edition =)

– RealDairyFarmer –

Download: Krampe BS900 MultiFruit Four Acres Farm Edition []
Download: Krampe BS900 MultiFruit Four Acres Farm Edition []

Aug 12

Horsch SW3500S Pronto 6AS Maistro 8RC v6.0 MR

Horsch SW3500S Pronto 6AS Maistro 8RC v6.0 MR

Here the old well-known Horsch Pronto Pack from LS09/11 . Over the years, the machine has suffered somewhat and is therefore offered as “Used” :)

This machine , with its two annexes AS and RC is the ideal solution for fast high-quality seed.

Functions V6:
– Helfert rdy
– Washable 2.5 hrs
– Lighting
– no-till
– Fuel cap and tank emptying in first-person view possible
– Tank emptying possible on Farmsilo
– Loading under the storage silos , bucket or ULW possible

Want possible with function switch through fruits loading on standard Saattrigger and whether to buy or remove it from the stock –
– From the “Device” sowing machine can lift front attachments and having to cycle through devices without lowering
– 2 different extensions AS and RC
– Multi Fruit : AS- wheat, barley, canola , alfalfa, clover , grass -RC – corn , beet , sunflower
– Field boundaries detection , even for Grass ( does not work on maps with Güllemistmod )

Keyboard layout:
– Key V to lower sowing machine AS or RC to couple
– Key J Couple the key J AS or RC –
– Key K wheellanes
– Key x transport position
– Key M Switch Fruit on Seedtrigger
– Key N exchange between buy seed or from Silo
– Key B sowing machine and cultivator on / off
– Button comma, marker arms left
– Key period . Marker arms right
– Button slash – marker arms transport position
– Key Rshift key + period marker arms automatic change
– Key J tank open Egoperspektive the seed hopper
– Key J + rshift tank empty Egoperspektive
– Press and hold button lshift cultivator is disabled
– Key O You do not have the equipment Duch switch to eg a packer front dig on the tractor, but can raise / lower of the Pronto from the front linkage
– Key Empty the tank at the Q button Hofsilo

Technical Data Pack:
– Polys RC 81123 , AS 50121 , 34854 3500SW
– Polys RC 81123 , AS 50121 , 34854 3500SW
– Vertices RC 100286 , AS 68354 , 38268 3500SW
– Objects INT 61, AS 32, 3500SW 33
– VRam RC 5.7 , AS 3.11 , 3500SW 5.4
– Size Zip 14.78MB

Download: Horsch SW3500S Pronto 6AS Maistro 8RC v6.0 MR []
Download: Horsch SW3500S Pronto 6AS Maistro 8RC v6.0 MR []

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