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Nov 18



– There is a large flat map with fields, forests un Wiesen.Zu game beginning you have a field that is already beschtellt.
– The card is, in my opinion, quite clearly arranged and the area corresponding to the “lowlands”.
– The main focus of the card is in the grain production.
– To start the game the ordered field to harvest. The maps helper friendly.
– Forestry can also operate here, of course.
– The streets are of Allee – trees Edged (meaning most of the machines would have “inside control” when there is sailing). If that bother: There are chainsaws
– It is also the “Animal Production” on the map, I hope, come not too short. There are in addition to chickens, sheep and cows, the pig and broiler available.
– Also included cattle trade (this is the pig where “pups” Driving / buy can / must), and the broiler.
– In the BGA can almost all fruit, including the straw, “ensiling”..

Outlets. Building.

– BGA, BIOWERK, biomass heating plant, distillery CARTE CENTER, CEREALS AG, GETRIDESPEICHER, DÜTERBAHNHOF, PRIVATBRAUEREI, shipping company, butchers, transportation company WINDMILL, yard, sawmill, CATTLE MAPKT,
– STUD, Gullie MIST SALE, KARTOFFELFABRIK.WALD HAUS.Tiere Splines.Video Überwachung.Lager.usw.
– A lot of Decorative Objects Still are on the map, for example, installed. Bauhof, zoo, circus, basketball courts, child’s playground, garage, soccer field sawmill and much more …. Let yourself be surprised

Verbaure fruits.

– Standartfrüchte:Weizen.Gerste.Raps.Körnermais.Kartoffeln.Zuckerrüben.Neu:Hafer.Roggen.Dinkel.Tritacale.Sonnenblumen.

What I have built for you?

– Food storage – Hächselgut, mixed fodder, beet, chips, potatoes, straw, silage, grass.
– Slurry manure lime mod – Gene Borg
– Composting – Marhu (potatoes, sugar beets, grass, hay, Hächselgut, straw, manure, compost, wood chips)
– Cows: Grass. Silage.Stroh. Water.
– Sheep: Gras.Silage. Water.
– Chickens: wheat. water.
– Pig: Standart fruits. Water.
– Cattle fattening: Standart fruits. Water.
– Wassermod – Marhu
– Goldcoins – Wishing Well.
– Loaders – Stroh.Gras.
– Compost storage – compost.
Where you can unload what?

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Mar 12

Beunderveen v1.0 beta

Beunderveen v1.0 beta

Fruits in this map:
– Standard fruits
– oat
– rye
– triticale
– sunflower
– sudangras
– luzerne
– klee

About this map:
Light hilly map
Few agriculture farms
A dairy farms
Few roads
Few villages
Trainstation to sell wood en sugarbeets/potatoes
Woodmill for selling wood
Contractor place
2 forest
Small, medium and large fields
Fantasy based map
Every farm has a gas tank, seed and fertilizer

Download: Beunderveen v1.0 beta []

Feb 18

North Brabant edition v1.4

North Brabant edition v1.4

Hello everyone,
Here i present my last and final version of the North Brabant Map v1.4 Final.
The map has now Multi Fruit, You can harvest and seed this with the standard Combines and seeders. The is a storage for the extra fruit and you can sell them at the country trade.
I also changed some things in the map.

The Manure pit is filled with water i can not change this! But you can use the Manure pit.

ChangeLog v1.4:
– Added Fattend Chicken stable
– Added Calves
– Added Multi Fruit
– Added waterfill’s point, 1 on the main farm and 1 at the Calves
– Changed the mainfarm added feed storage and MixStation
– Added Contractor area
– Changed vehicle shop
– Changed Biogass
– Addec WoolPaletteCollector
– Added liquid manure storage
– Added Field triggers, you are able to buy 16 fields
– New PDA
– Added new textures, Wheat, Barley, Canola, sugarbeets, Manure and Lime

Wat kan je vinden in de map;
– 3 Farms
– Pigs and Calves
– Village
– Biogass
– Country Trade
– Vehicle Shop
– Lidl to sell, Wool, Eggs, Pig’s, Chickens and Calves
– Storage for, Wheat, Barley, Canola, Corn, Oat, Rye, Sunflower, Potatos and sugarbeets
– Storage for, grass, straw, chaff and Storage system.
– Camping
– Nice surroundings
– Windmill for sell your crops, Wheat, Barley, Canola, Corn, Oat, Rye, Sunflower, Potatos and sugarbeets
– Traffic
– Garden center where you can buy trees
– Wood Factory where you can sell, Logs and Wood Chips
– Forestry activitys

Download: North Brabant edition v1.4 []

Jan 07

UniversalProcessKit v0.9.3

UniversalProcessKit v0.9.3

The UniversalProcessKit (UPK) is not a mod in the actual sense, but it extends to LS15 functionality to make it easier for modders to equip buildings with features. It does not matter if the building is to be placed anywhere or can be installed.
The name is English and is pronounced roughly “Junni-Wörsel Proßess putty”. It literally means “comprehensive processing kit”.
Version: The development of the mod is not finished, I extend it all the time, fixed bugs etc.pp.

To get a glimpse of how it is been used so, here are some links to mods that use it:
– Placeable pile
– Apfelmod
– ROS Fruits And Berries
– ROS warehouses

This kit consists of various modules, whose actions are triggered by the player or which become active depending on the level. It can also be enhanced by self-programmed modules.
The configuration of the UPK mods is controlled solely via User Attributes in the i3d Mapper and “use” Modder the functions easy (as the functions of the Giants scripts also.) – It is not necessary / allowed the UPK “bridge” to.
Admittedly sets the UPK the properties of the modules not completely automatically (it does not know what you’re up to it) and you need to incorporate a bit if you want to use it in your mod. This can of course be connected in the beginning with frustration. Nevertheless, the only alternative would be to program your mod from scratch.
On the GitHub page is a documentary about how modules are, what they do and how to configure them. There are also a number of Beispielmods that show how the configuration is implemented. To create a simple tilting-bearings-filling-Mod is ne matter of a few minutes.
Mods that use the UPK are automatically multiplayer capability.

As Mapper, modders and players alike: Simply put the zip in the mod folder and is good it is not allowed him to maps or mods integrate directly..
Errors / error messages: Since it is not apparent to players if the UPK has an error or the mod has been configured incorrectly, please contact you only the modders do so. He then comes up to me, if it is not on his mod.

Download: UniversalProcessKit v0.9.3 []

Dec 24

Drensteinfurt v1.0

Drensteinfurt v1.0

Welcome to Drensteinfurt LS15 ready.
The time has come, I present you my Drensteinfurt for 15 Ls ready.

It has not changed much, so I’ll explain only the most important innovations.
The sheep are now in a meadow.
There is a pre-sale, as well as a garden center.
There are all trees precipitated.
If problems arise, bus and Co. I am always open to, so write me via PM, so I have a better overview.

I thank all of which I have the objects without you Währe my map a bit empty.
Pfreek: fence, railway crossing, guide posts
Fatian: roads, bridges, lanes
Gaints: All buildings
Maxter: Workshop
Eicher Model: Fachwerkhof, Farmhouse
Katsuo: Fachwerkhof
Padda96: pigsty
Nick98.1: Signs Pack
Farmer 12: Schild_Kurve
Börndi: Test Objects Pack
818vario: Hall
Manuel: Windmill
iMarwin: phone line
Desperados93: Ball Stack
martinbigM500: cesspit
Ceen: Road textures
Vililleeis: Tree Textures, corn
Alex2009: Fence in the village
Steffen30muc: Halls, fertilizer warehouse
Eifok team: country trade

Of some objects I could not find the creator.
Should anyone find his property, please send me a message dan I Wear after.
Of course, only applies to the original link.
So now I wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year 2015
Your Maxi
aka 0maxi0.

Download: Drensteinfurt v1.0 []

Dec 24

Vehicle groups Switcher – VeGS v2.0.6

Vehicle groups Switcher - VeGS v2.0.6

Vehicle-groups Switcher – ‘VeGS’ (v2.0.6)

Remember to check the support topic for any additional information regarding this mod.

– Hopefully better “column balancing” calculation code.
– Fix for chat-dialog not working correctly.
– Fix for sending updates to clients.
– Upgraded to FS15, changed GUI style to fit and overlap a little less of the screen-area.
– Now with possibility of renaming the groups. Using the chat-dialog for capturing the group-name.
– Work-around for crouch, must now double-tap modifier-key when on foot.
– Added tips/hints, that switches every 7th second.

Mod description
With this mod you can put your fleet of vehicles into 10 groups, and then be able to switch between vehicles that is in the same group.
In a multiplayer game, players can modify the VeGS list, if the server/hosting player has enabled “Reset Vehicles” in the Admin-screen, or for a dedicated server given trusted players “Admin” setting.
How to use it
Setting up controls
Before loading a game, make sure you go into ‘Options – Controls’, and verify that the “VeGS: …” keys are set to your suiting.
Do note that the ‘VeGS: Switch within group’ and ‘VeGS: To next group’ actions are not assigned, so make sure you assign your own keys to it. – For starters I suggest you choose a key that is not TAB and not a letter or number.
Placing vehicles into groups
When you first start your game, none of the vehicles are assigned to a group. So begin by entering a vehicle and then activate the ‘VeGS: Toggle edit-mode’ (default is LEFT CTRL E).
An overlay will appear, containing 10 groups and an ‘Unassigned’ group. Now move the current vehicle to a group of your own choosing, by using the ‘Menu Up’ & ‘Menu Down’ keys (default is ARROW UP and ARROW DOWN.) If there are more vehicles within a group, you can choose the exact position using ‘Menu Left’ & ‘Menu Right’ keys (default ARROW LEFT & ARROW RIGHT.)
While still in ‘edit-mode’, it is possible to switch to the next vehicle using the normal known method, and you can then repeat the process of placing into groups.
Once you’re done placing vehicles into groups, deactivate the ‘VeGS: Toggle edit-mode’. – These group assignments you’ve just made, will be saved whenever you normally save your game. So they will automatically be restored when loading a savegame.
Renaming the group-names (optional)
It is now possible to rename the group-names, if so needed.
When in ‘edit-mode’, press-and-hold the modifier-key and digit ‘Group #’ key-sequence until the chat entry-field appears, which shows the current group-name.
Type in your new group-name, though do note that the text will be filtered for bad words, what the chat usually does.
The group-names will be saved in a VehicleGroupsSwitcher_Config.XML file in the savegame# folder.
Switching groups/vehicles
Now that the initial labour intensitive part of placing vehicles into groups is done – do take a break if you’re feeling dizzy from all your hard work – the fun part begins; to actually switch between vehicles more directly than normal.
To switch to the next enabled group that has vehicles in it, press your self-assigned key for ‘VeGS: To next group’.
To switch within a group that has more vehicles in it, use your self-assigned key for ‘VeGS: Switch within group’.
To switch directly to or within a group, even a disabled group, you can also use one of the ten assigned key-sequences. Default is LEFT CTRL + ‘group #’.
Enable/disable group:
When using the ‘To next group’ key, you have the possibility to disable groups – i.e. make it so ‘To next group’ skips a disabled group.
To disable or enable a group, press-and-hold the modifier-key and digit ‘Group #’ key-sequence for about a second. When a group is disabled, it will appear in gray colors.
Do note that these enabled/disabled groups will NOT be synchronized to the other players. Each player can have their own enabled/disabled groups, which will not be saved though.
Default action/key assignments:
Note: All VeGS key-assignments (except for the ‘Switch within group’ and ‘To next group’) MUST USE the same modifier-key – i.e. LEFT CTRL, RIGHT CTRL, LEFT ALT, RIGHT ALT, LEFT SHIFT or RIGHT SHIFT. – The reason for this, is to make the overlay appear before the actual group-selection is made; i.e. pressing the digit key.
Note: Since it is now possible to crouch in FS15, then when on-foot you much double tap the modifier-key to show the VeGS overlay.
not assigned – VeGS: Switch within group
not assigned – VeGS: To next group
LEFT CTRL 1 – VeGS: Group 1
LEFT CTRL 2 – VeGS: Group 2
LEFT CTRL 3 – VeGS: Group 3
LEFT CTRL 4 – VeGS: Group 4
LEFT CTRL 5 – VeGS: Group 5
LEFT CTRL 6 – VeGS: Group 6
LEFT CTRL 7 – VeGS: Group 7
LEFT CTRL 8 – VeGS: Group 8
LEFT CTRL 9 – VeGS: Group 9
LEFT CTRL 0 – VeGS: Group 10
LEFT CTRL E – VeGS: Toggle edit-mode

Download: Vehicle groups Switcher – VeGS v2.0.6 []

Nov 20

Vehicle groups Switcher – VeGS v2.0.2

Vehicle groups Switcher - VeGS v2.0.2

Remember to check the support topic for any additional information regarding this mod.

– Fix for chat-dialog not working correctly.
– Fix for sending updates to clients.
– Upgraded to FS15, changed GUI style to fit and overlap a little less of the screen-area.
– Now with possibility of renaming the groups. Using the chat-dialog for capturing the group-name.
– Work-around for crouch, must now double-tap modifier-key when on foot.
– Added tips/hints, that switches every 7th second.

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Nov 19

Case IH Magnum Sound Pack Update By LudmillaPower v1.0

Case IH Magnum Sound Pack Update By LudmillaPower v1.0

Hello Dear LS 15 community!
It’s that time again, after a long break I start again with my sound Updates LS now for 15th
This time it is a sound I update to the
Case IH Magnum CVX Pack V1.3 by KHD-Agro Star

Download: Case IH Magnum Sound Pack Update By LudmillaPower v1.0 []

Sep 02

Forest Map v1.6 CHOPPED STRAW

Forest Map v1.6 CHOPPED STRAW

I present to you my latest map . It offers you 2 farm. On a large farm can breed a cow, and a smaller sheep and chickens . You can sell your crops to a large buying . As my map on each machine trade deal with Agroma . As the name says, in the beautiful landscape contains many forests , lake, old wooden windmill etc.

Now I would like to pass some information on what is needed to map work one hundred percent . Gates open for the key , the script uploaded to the map, which does not require any additional modules . I added the script so that we can choose the cultivation of the silo (Super Silo ) . Here begins the stairs . You will have to obtain the . The map will also Manure v2 , and this goes must find themselves in the mods , or manure will not work.

The author of the map is ZeFir . I would like to thank users such as : Rolster ( tests and a video demonstration of the map ) , Mr.Kuba3213 , Bartosz22 and kamilek767 (tests and photos) . I wish you all a pleasant and successful game .

Download: Forest Map v1.6 CHOPPED STRAW []
Download: Forest Map v1.6 CHOPPED STRAW []

Jun 14

Veenhuis COMBI 2000 v1.0

Veenhuis COMBI 2000 v1.0

Czech Mod Team


Model: Angelus
Textures: Smety
InGame: Smety

Download: Veenhuis COMBI 2000 v1.0 []
Download: Veenhuis COMBI 2000 v1.0 []

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