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Jun 14

Mountain valley v1.1

Mountain valley v1.1

I have again something new for you. This time I want you to meet mountain valley. I know that there already is this name, but it’s only been about 2 days noticed me. This map has been built from an empty map, and there are new layers have been built for example. Treetann, monkshood, foxglove, nettles …. This map has:

- A size biogas plant
- One equipped with vehicles hof
- The Heukran by Alex2009
- A payroll company
- 2 large forests
- 1 stall
- A few small lakes
- New textures
- ….

Last surprise you, and tests the Map only before they can be commented

In addition, we and sat down and turned two videos about the map 1 video Maishächseln
2 Video Diasow

Now I know not what I should write more, because the rest of you read very wahrsscheinlich not by J

Download: Mountain valley v1.1 []
Download: Mountain valley v1.1 []

May 10

Scania R730 with cooling structure v 1.51 [MP]

Scania R730 with cooling structure v 1.51 [MP]

Hello LS friends

Today I offer you a Scania R730 with cooling structure .

Since I play with maps now and industries and I did not like all the associated modpacks . And I am very happy to go with the Scania Fliegl pack. I have a short hand Scania and trailer taken from the Fliegl pack and rebuilt .

Big thanks go to DIMANIX for the Scania model and the two trailer models
and a big thanks to Hoschi97 for the cooling structure .

Both were also kind enough to give me the share. So that I may publish the pack and the LS Com can make available .

Now some info ‘s about the pack itself

· Scania R730 – Kühlaufbau
Capacity 22900 liters

Fruit varieties : beer , whiskey, tomatoes , cucumbers , onions , carrots , canned food and bread

Lighting scripts , scripts passenger

· Trailer – Refrigerated body
Capacity 35600 liters

Fruit varieties : beer , whiskey, tomatoes , cucumbers , onions , carrots , canned food and bread

lighting scripts

· Semi-trailer – Kühlaufbau
Capacity 61000 liters

Fruit varieties : beer , whiskey, tomatoes , cucumbers , onions , carrots , canned food and bread

lighting scripts

In all models, the rear doors are animated , you can open it and close .

Note : Fruit tarps are partially obstructed, are visible at the rear doors open . However, not all fruit Plan available . That some types of fruit are still without tarp.

Furthermore, I unfortunately do not know in some built-up fruit Plan the Urmodder .
Should anyone to know or the modders are reading this , please leave a message to me.


dimanix Scania R730 model
3- axle trailer

hoschi97 Kühlaufbau

Giants fruit Plan

Modder unknown to the other fruit Plan .

Conversion Mach1 – Andy

Passenger scripts Alex2009 was previously installed

Lighting scripts Sven777b was previously installed

Download: Scania R730 with cooling structure v 1.51 [MP] []
Download: Scania R730 with cooling structure v 1.51 [MP] []

Apr 09

Wendland Eine Idylle v1.0

Wendland Eine Idylle v1.0

MoinAm 17/06/2013 I started this map to convert. She was the Jubiläumsmap of NKB – modding 1 I make birthday in 2012.Hier it available to you . The permission is of Deere6800 outperform competing Map provides small to medium sized fields . The landscape is shaped a little hilly. Facts on the Map :

country trade
Yard for medium-sized machines
BGA with two silos and a large Wandsilo
fields sale
Multi Terrain ( not the 45,90,135,180,225,270,315,0 degree angle but twice as many )
traffic lights
2 villages
Cows, sheep, chickens
Stall can muck
Pasture gates and sheds with the MapDoorTrigger
Harvest storage ( except corn )
mixed fields ( fields and meadows )
130MB large
performance -saving
Without rot

What is needed :

MapDoorTrigger ( )
MapHoseRefStation (possibly for the Zunhammer barrel of Eifok Zunhammer / liquidManure Mod – Farming Simulator UK – Quality mods for Farming Simulator 2009 , 2011 and 2013)
MapAmpeln ( [ MP ] MapAmpeln V1 by Bluebaby210 – Webdisc – modPortal )

I recommend:

Grain Shovel (storage can only be so empty )
DeleteFog Mod

Special thanks to:

BAoD : Testing and MP test
stuttgart27 : MP test
Deere6800 : permission to test , opinion and suggestions
little farm : Testing and Bugsuche
Sepple : PDA
NKB – Modding : Testing , opinion and improvements
The NKB – modding community : opinion and criticism

Download: Wendland Eine Idylle v1.0 []
Download: Wendland Eine Idylle v1.0 []

Mar 25

Ural 4320 SLP Edition v 1.0

Ural 4320 SLP Edition v 1.0

Ural 4320 SLP Edition v 1.0

Power: 240 l / c, speed: 85 km / h Manual ignition, six-speed manual gearbox ( Kl.5/Kl.6 ) , handbrake , sound, mirrors, tow hitch . Opened the door ( inside and outside ) , hood opens manually (Num.8), animation dashboard fan mudguards . Lighting fixtures, high beam , cabin lighting , controlled spotlight- seeker emergency gang , turn signals, the dust from the wheels , washable .
Body volume : 17,500 l .
Transporting wheat, barley, canola , corn , potatoes, sah.sveklu , millet , rye , poppy seeds, soybeans, spelled , oats, grass, hay, straw , fodder corn , silage , fodder , manure .

The game requires a license


Modell by Marc85
AttacherSetRpm by Sven777b
Beleuchtung311 by Sven777b
controlI3DAnim by Sven777b
Beifahrer by Alex2009
Rotors by Alex2009
DrivingParticleSystem by Manuel Leithner (SFM-Modding)
ES-Limiter by Manuel Leithner (SFM-Modding)
Lanes by Manuel Leithner (SFM-Modding)
Washable by Manuel Leithner
Wipers by Manuel Leithner
Gearbox6 by Blacky_BPG
VehicleControls by Blacky_BPG
ParkingBrake by Blacky_BPG
RadsturzV2 by modelleicher
realExhaustParticleSystem by modelleicher
realSteerAngles by modelleicher
manualIginition by Xentro
MMSuchlicht by MMAgrarservice
ShowHelp by Skullman
Sound by Templaer
WheelDirtSpecialization by John Deere 6930

Download: Ural 4320 SLP Edition v 1.0 []
Download: Ural 4320 SLP Edition v 1.0 []

Feb 25

Fliegl TMK 260 v 1.2

Fliegl TMK 260 v 1.2

Fliegl TMK 260 v 1.2

Capacity: 26000 liters.
Transports: wheat, barley, canola, corn, chaff potatoes, sugar beets.

The game requires a license

Credits: MF390, Bauer322009, gam0ver

Download: Fliegl TMK 260 v 1.2 []
Download: Fliegl TMK 260 v 1.2 []

Feb 04

John Deere 4850 v 2.0

John Deere 4850 v 2.0

John Deere 4850 v 2.0

13 Specializations

Requires patch 2.0

Modell: knagsted (LS09), schlueterfan1977 (LS11)
Ingame: modelleicher
Scripts: Sven777b, alex2009, Mythos, modelleicher

Download: John Deere 4850 v 2.0 []

Feb 04

MAN Agroliner 3 axis v 2.0 ( MoreRealistic)

MAN Agroliner 3 axis v 2.0 ( MoreRealistic)

MAN Agroliner 3 axis v 2.0 ( MoreRealistic)

Speed ​​70 km / h Washable.
Body volume: 16,000 l.
Transports: Seeds, grass, ryegrass, wheat, canola, corn, barley, potatoes, beets, manure, fertilizer, silage feed.

Requires patch 2.0 and MoreRealistic Mod

Modell: Lindemann
Kabine: 3D-Scrap
Umbau: Lindemann
Scripte: Modelleicher, alex2009

Download: MAN Agroliner 3 axis v 2.0 ( MoreRealistic) []

Jan 30

Claas Axion 850 CEBIS 2.0

Claas Axion 850 CEBIS 2.0

year: 2009
Power: 233 HP
daily upkeep: 56

Sotillo modding industries

Download: Claas Axion 850 CEBIS 2.0 []

Jan 28

Vogelsberg 2013 v 1.0

Vogelsberg 2013 v 1.0

Vogelsberg 2013 v 1.0

Map converted from the 2009 version of the 2013 version. Small map. 20 fields. Standard culture and animal. There are home appliances.

The archive map and binding modes to it (without this mod in the map does not go).

Requires patch 2.0

Desperados93, Fendtfan1

Download: Vogelsberg 2013 v 1.0 []

Jan 22

Platinum Xanthos v 14.1

Platinum Xanthos v 14.1

- The bunker silo for sunflower seeds could not fully address
– The wheel loader has get more power for compressing
– The water trailer has got more volume
– Tanker Liquid Manure got more volume
– The trailer has a bit more power, so you can bring enough fresh milk in time for the dairy
– Sunflowers have come as an additional fruit to it. For sunflower there are two silos to make silage from it. The silos require some more time fermenting silage so it is a special method developed in our own laboratory specifically for the LS 2013
– Two nine of halls have been added, one at the train station and the other at the campsite
– The Deutz 7545 RTS Drescher is available in 4 different colors. The following fruits can thus harvest : wheat, barley, canola, corn, sorghum and sunflowers
– The following trailer can load all the fruits : Gilibert 1800 pro, Kroger HKD 302 MUK 402 and SRB – 35th
– Conveyor belts at the feed store for the removal of the fruit by mixing feed truck and loader wagons ( Bergmann and Pöttinger as Mod)
– Players carrying out only a small Kuhzucht can buy for the greenhouses at the nursery crap

Giants Software, Askari, Ganelcer, Eifok-Team, WayneischGeld, Fatian, Marhu, Rubiks, mir unbekannt, TMT, skydancer, Alex2009, martinbig500, DerLord, BM-Modding, Claas Raser

Download: Platinum Xanthos v 14.1 []

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