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Dec 24

Drensteinfurt v1.0

Drensteinfurt v1.0

Welcome to Drensteinfurt LS15 ready.
The time has come, I present you my Drensteinfurt for 15 Ls ready.

It has not changed much, so I’ll explain only the most important innovations.
The sheep are now in a meadow.
There is a pre-sale, as well as a garden center.
There are all trees precipitated.
If problems arise, bus and Co. I am always open to, so write me via PM, so I have a better overview.

I thank all of which I have the objects without you Währe my map a bit empty.
Pfreek: fence, railway crossing, guide posts
Fatian: roads, bridges, lanes
Gaints: All buildings
Maxter: Workshop
Eicher Model: Fachwerkhof, Farmhouse
Katsuo: Fachwerkhof
Padda96: pigsty
Nick98.1: Signs Pack
Farmer 12: Schild_Kurve
Börndi: Test Objects Pack
818vario: Hall
Manuel: Windmill
iMarwin: phone line
Desperados93: Ball Stack
martinbigM500: cesspit
Ceen: Road textures
Vililleeis: Tree Textures, corn
Alex2009: Fence in the village
Steffen30muc: Halls, fertilizer warehouse
Eifok team: country trade

Of some objects I could not find the creator.
Should anyone find his property, please send me a message dan I Wear after.
Of course, only applies to the original link.
So now I wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year 2015
Your Maxi
aka 0maxi0.

Download: Drensteinfurt v1.0 []

Dec 16

Case IH 5130 Axial Flow v1.1

Case IH 5130 Axial Flow v1.1

Hello everyone, Frabel LS-modding presents the case ih 5130 Axial Flow. This mod contains: – The Axial Flow combine Case IH 5130 – Case IH 3020 Cutter: 7.6 meters width work – Gatherer Case IH 3408: 8 rows and 6 meters width work
In the mod, you will find a PDF notice of the advanced method of harvesting the Case IH Axial-Flow 5130. The scripts adding realism in the way of playing. With the installation of synthesis scripts on this harvester, this is more than just to harvest, but we must adopt the right settings DEPENDING on the harvested crops. Without that, your performance will be affected.

lighting (Sven777b)
passenger (JoXXer – Edit by Alex2009)
advancedThreasher (Knagsted – Edit bylex)
CIH5130 (Knagsted – Edit bylex)
digital display (Knagsted)

Capacity: 8810
Fuel Capacity: 945
Crops: wheat, barley, rape and maize

We wish you a good game !!
Frabel LS-modding

Download: Case IH 5130 Axial Flow v1.1 []

Dec 01

Papenburg v3.55

Papenburg v3.55

So liebe Leute Ls geht in Runde 5.
Und die Papenburger Map geht in Runde 12.Wie seit Ls 2009 gibts wie immer auch eine Papenburger Map.

Die Map wurde aufgefrischt mit Texturen und etlichen Bäumen und Tannen versehen.Jedes wäldchen hat Waldboden.Einige neue Gebäude und Häüser wurden eingebaut.Einge Funktionsgebäude aus Ls 15 übernommen.
Ich habe erstmal alle spezial features entfernt und warte auf die veröffentlichung der jeweiligen scripte.

-Darstellung eines teils des südlichen Papenburgs im nördlichen Emsland.
Mit Milchvieh und Schafszucht.
Viel platz für Maschinen und Gerätschaften.Alles was man benötigt ist vor Ort.
1 Grashaufen und 5 Fahrsilos unterschiedlich texturiert für (2)Silage bzw (3)Grassilage(Fahrsiloextension empfohlen)Rüben,Kartoffel und Hackschnitzellager. Farmsilo.Wasserstation.Ein Strohaufen zum lagern für loses Stroh. Strohverkauf und Strohtrigger für ballen.
– Wirtschaftsgebäude:
Raiffeisen Landhandel,Hackschnitzel Heizkraftwerk,Raiffeisen Mühle,Keipe,Gartencenter,Getreidelager
Hafen und Güterbahnhof.Lidl(Eier) Spar(Eier)
-BGA : 3Fahrsilos 2 Keil/aufschiebe Silos ein Fahrsilo
Lohnunternehmer: Hühnerzucht+einige Hallen und Unterstände.

Download: Papenburg v3.55 []

Nov 02

Money Cheat Mod v1.0

Money Cheat Mod v1.0

Here I have for you the money cheat for the new Farming Simulator 15th
This is pretty much one of the mods, which almost every modder has installed.
The mods can you give € 100,000 ingame easily via CTRL + ALT + 0 (horn button).
Then you need not always start a new game, save edit save game and start again.
Simply press the key combination and you’ll get the money immediately.
For each pressure the key combination then you will receive € 100,000.
Say Press 1x 2x € 100 thousand € 200 thousand € 300 thousand 3x etc.

Have fun with the mod.


Download: Money Cheat Mod v1.0 []

Oct 30

Westerrade v1.2 MR

Westerrade v1.2 MR

First I want to thank all
Have people to thank the Stetz Me page were to build this map, especially with my teammates, Alex2009, Jabba42 of FSM, Upside Down and the entire Gaming4Fun team who always had an open ear and always helped us without hesitation .An thanks also go to all the modders and scripters whose objects, textures or scripts I have installed.

now to the map:
The map is a (as good as it was possible for me) real replica of the beautiful calm sunny place Westerrade in Schleswig Holstein.Auf the map there is a lot to experience new, be it buildings, objects, etc …..

Below is the links to the galleries: L

On the map there is:
Kartoffelhof including our potato cleaning plant
(Fillable Only with the trailer)
Main Courtyard
Animals: cows, sheep, chickens, pigs and cattle
Fruit varieties: standard + clover and alfalfa
Installed Soilmod or GülleMistKalkMod
Chopped Straw Mod is installed
Installed slurry storage to Wald2
Scale with statistics
2 forests for Forstmod (no trees pre-planted)

Box sale is also at HaGe: You must set the boxes on the tape, then they are transported into the building and come back out again empty (for purified and stored in crates potatoes you get about three times)
When Aunt Emma ye your pigs,
Cattle, eggs and wool los

New in V1.2:
First of all reported bugs have been fixed
Grain storage is now recognized by CP
Expanded ClipDistancLua again
Inczeased slurry storage volume

Since there has been a small old farm in the village in which I have installed a storage location:
There you can store their straw, grass, silage, seed, fertilizer and lime.

Seed, fertilizer and lime can be found on the tube again.

Straw, grass silage and you have to refer to the feed mixer or a suitable shovel

Water is available only at the storage space, the barn or the sheep farm

HaGe there can sell you your cereal
There are only HaGe seed, fertilizer and lime
(Liquid fertilizer and seed pallets behind the building, are for where to dig too lazy)

Lime is only for shoveling
Below you can you still a spreader Download with her the dirt where dirt accumulates in the sorting sprinkle onto the pitch can if you want and use as organic fertilizer. But you can also sell on the LU Hof him

Download: Westerrade v1.2 MR []

Aug 13

Tatra T815NTH 6 6 v1.0 MR

Tatra T815NTH 6 6 v1.0 MR

Tatra 6×6 T815NTH Pack
Here we feature the Tatra T 815:
Indoor Sound
Passenger Script by Alex2009
beleuchtung31 by Sven777b

Download: Tatra T815NTH 6 6 v1.0 MR []
Download: Tatra T815NTH 6 6 v1.0 MR []

Jun 14

Mountain valley v1.1

Mountain valley v1.1

I have again something new for you. This time I want you to meet mountain valley. I know that there already is this name, but it’s only been about 2 days noticed me. This map has been built from an empty map, and there are new layers have been built for example. Treetann, monkshood, foxglove, nettles …. This map has:

– A size biogas plant
– One equipped with vehicles hof
– The Heukran by Alex2009
– A payroll company
– 2 large forests
– 1 stall
– A few small lakes
– New textures
– ….

Last surprise you, and tests the Map only before they can be commented

In addition, we and sat down and turned two videos about the map 1 video Maishächseln
2 Video Diasow

Now I know not what I should write more, because the rest of you read very wahrsscheinlich not by J

Download: Mountain valley v1.1 []
Download: Mountain valley v1.1 []

May 10

Scania R730 with cooling structure v 1.51 [MP]

Scania R730 with cooling structure v 1.51 [MP]

Hello LS friends

Today I offer you a Scania R730 with cooling structure .

Since I play with maps now and industries and I did not like all the associated modpacks . And I am very happy to go with the Scania Fliegl pack. I have a short hand Scania and trailer taken from the Fliegl pack and rebuilt .

Big thanks go to DIMANIX for the Scania model and the two trailer models
and a big thanks to Hoschi97 for the cooling structure .

Both were also kind enough to give me the share. So that I may publish the pack and the LS Com can make available .

Now some info ‘s about the pack itself

· Scania R730 – Kühlaufbau
Capacity 22900 liters

Fruit varieties : beer , whiskey, tomatoes , cucumbers , onions , carrots , canned food and bread

Lighting scripts , scripts passenger

· Trailer – Refrigerated body
Capacity 35600 liters

Fruit varieties : beer , whiskey, tomatoes , cucumbers , onions , carrots , canned food and bread

lighting scripts

· Semi-trailer – Kühlaufbau
Capacity 61000 liters

Fruit varieties : beer , whiskey, tomatoes , cucumbers , onions , carrots , canned food and bread

lighting scripts

In all models, the rear doors are animated , you can open it and close .

Note : Fruit tarps are partially obstructed, are visible at the rear doors open . However, not all fruit Plan available . That some types of fruit are still without tarp.

Furthermore, I unfortunately do not know in some built-up fruit Plan the Urmodder .
Should anyone to know or the modders are reading this , please leave a message to me.


dimanix Scania R730 model
3- axle trailer

hoschi97 Kühlaufbau

Giants fruit Plan

Modder unknown to the other fruit Plan .

Conversion Mach1 – Andy

Passenger scripts Alex2009 was previously installed

Lighting scripts Sven777b was previously installed

Download: Scania R730 with cooling structure v 1.51 [MP] []
Download: Scania R730 with cooling structure v 1.51 [MP] []

Apr 09

Wendland Eine Idylle v1.0

Wendland Eine Idylle v1.0

MoinAm 17/06/2013 I started this map to convert. She was the Jubiläumsmap of NKB – modding 1 I make birthday in 2012.Hier it available to you . The permission is of Deere6800 outperform competing Map provides small to medium sized fields . The landscape is shaped a little hilly. Facts on the Map :

country trade
Yard for medium-sized machines
BGA with two silos and a large Wandsilo
fields sale
Multi Terrain ( not the 45,90,135,180,225,270,315,0 degree angle but twice as many )
traffic lights
2 villages
Cows, sheep, chickens
Stall can muck
Pasture gates and sheds with the MapDoorTrigger
Harvest storage ( except corn )
mixed fields ( fields and meadows )
130MB large
performance -saving
Without rot

What is needed :

MapDoorTrigger ( )
MapHoseRefStation (possibly for the Zunhammer barrel of Eifok Zunhammer / liquidManure Mod – Farming Simulator UK – Quality mods for Farming Simulator 2009 , 2011 and 2013)
MapAmpeln ( [ MP ] MapAmpeln V1 by Bluebaby210 – Webdisc – modPortal )

I recommend:

Grain Shovel (storage can only be so empty )
DeleteFog Mod

Special thanks to:

BAoD : Testing and MP test
stuttgart27 : MP test
Deere6800 : permission to test , opinion and suggestions
little farm : Testing and Bugsuche
Sepple : PDA
NKB – Modding : Testing , opinion and improvements
The NKB – modding community : opinion and criticism

Download: Wendland Eine Idylle v1.0 []
Download: Wendland Eine Idylle v1.0 []

Mar 25

Ural 4320 SLP Edition v 1.0

Ural 4320 SLP Edition v 1.0

Ural 4320 SLP Edition v 1.0

Power: 240 l / c, speed: 85 km / h Manual ignition, six-speed manual gearbox ( Kl.5/Kl.6 ) , handbrake , sound, mirrors, tow hitch . Opened the door ( inside and outside ) , hood opens manually (Num.8), animation dashboard fan mudguards . Lighting fixtures, high beam , cabin lighting , controlled spotlight- seeker emergency gang , turn signals, the dust from the wheels , washable .
Body volume : 17,500 l .
Transporting wheat, barley, canola , corn , potatoes, sah.sveklu , millet , rye , poppy seeds, soybeans, spelled , oats, grass, hay, straw , fodder corn , silage , fodder , manure .

The game requires a license


Modell by Marc85
AttacherSetRpm by Sven777b
Beleuchtung311 by Sven777b
controlI3DAnim by Sven777b
Beifahrer by Alex2009
Rotors by Alex2009
DrivingParticleSystem by Manuel Leithner (SFM-Modding)
ES-Limiter by Manuel Leithner (SFM-Modding)
Lanes by Manuel Leithner (SFM-Modding)
Washable by Manuel Leithner
Wipers by Manuel Leithner
Gearbox6 by Blacky_BPG
VehicleControls by Blacky_BPG
ParkingBrake by Blacky_BPG
RadsturzV2 by modelleicher
realExhaustParticleSystem by modelleicher
realSteerAngles by modelleicher
manualIginition by Xentro
MMSuchlicht by MMAgrarservice
ShowHelp by Skullman
Sound by Templaer
WheelDirtSpecialization by John Deere 6930

Download: Ural 4320 SLP Edition v 1.0 []
Download: Ural 4320 SLP Edition v 1.0 []

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