Jan 21

Forst mod v 1.0

Forst mod v 1.0

Forst mod v 1.0

This mod allows you to grow trees , followed by trimming and loading them on the truck for transport. In the package contains a drill (for ” planting ” trees) , chainsaw , tractor and truck with grip manipulator for loading and transportation of logs. Control seizures by using the mouse , the file is lifted from the pallet fold . O. Management saw performed mouse (LMB – add speed , PKM – change of position ) , you can fill the chainsaw from the tractor up to him and pressing the keypad . X. Selection of trees in planter – keys . O, landing – keys . R ( drill omit optional). Trees are planted at a distance of 5 meters from each other and grow instantly.

Requires patch 2.0

Modding Society, rafftnix, Solanz

Download: Forst mod v 1.0 [Letitbit.net]
Download: Forst mod v 1.0 [Uploaded.to]

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