Mar 06

Freidl Roundbaler

Freidl Roundbaler

Self drive with round baler for straw – and hay bales
All-wheel drive, all wheel steering, hour meter, cruise control, rear work light

Shop price: € 169 000, maintenance costs: 169 € / day
Multiplayer yes
Helper mode no
Polys: 55000, Total VRAM: 8 MB

There also will be a version with square balers.
The mod and the brand “Freidl” is an invention of mine.

modder: usxi7sd
ESLimiter V3: Manuel Leithner

Download: Freidl Roundbaler [Depositfiles.com]
Download: Freidl Roundbaler [Uploaded.to]


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  1. Simon

    Seems that zip file is corrupt, i keep getting “unexpected end of archive” when trying to extract to mods folder

  2. Gigi

    Dopo aver scaricato il mod mi dice che la cartella è vuota !!

  3. Brian

    It tells me the same thing……..

  4. fendt312lsa

    will not work

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