Dec 06

CAT pack

CAT pack

his is a cat pack
this pack incures

cat lexion 480R combine
key NUMPAD start engine
key V lift header/lower header
key G turn on/off
key B fold up pipe/fold in pipe
key H hire worker
key 7 becon

cat cutter 9200
cat corn cutter 9200
reco ring for combine

cat excavator
key 0 menu
key 7 becon
keys num +/- RPM
cat bucket for excavator

cat fore MT powerlift loader
key 7 becon
keys +/- RPM
to work the loader the keys are on the numpad
reco hook for front loader
ZR bale tool

cat W loader
key 0 menu
keys numpad +/- RPM
loader keys are on numpad
cat loader bucket
cat loader shied

trailer to put tools in

John Deere 6930

Download: CAT pack [Depositfiles.com]
Download: CAT pack [Uploaded.to]


  1. Patrick

    Anyone else having trouble with this mod? I have unzipped the files in the mod folder and everthing but the still not will appear in game.. What am I doing wrong?

  2. Paolo

    Same exact problem for me

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