Oct 18

Case IH Turbo Till

Case IH Turbo Till

This is a Case IH Turbo Till. These are becoming more and more popular in the US because of the amazing cultivating ability with just a single pass.

The disk is from ModHoster, and Surci (the original uploader) gave me permission to release this edit.

I have added the crumblers, as well as the script to make them turn, and have re-textured this to more modern Case IH colors.

This is just a plain cultivator, no safemode, very simple to use.
V- to raise and lower
X- to fold/unfold

IH 9.8 credits
Model: Zoleee11
Ingame: Surci

Download: Case IH Turbo Till [Depositfiles.com]
Download: Case IH Turbo Till [Uploaded.to]

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  1. joe

    make it zip please

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