Apr 17

Ropa Euro Maus 3 v1

Ropa Euro Maus 3 v1

Mod works with most scripts including:
– Alternative Tipping
– Alternative Tipping (J & B modding Edit)
– TipAnywhere
– HeapTipTrigger

In the folder “trigger scripts” contains modified scripts, so Ropa € mouse fills up more slowly than the standard bucket.
Select Use the dias where the script and paste it into the mods folder, replacing the previous version.

We wish you a beautiful game
maciusboss1 & Burner

Model: Maciusboss1
Wheels: Marcin (marjas31)
Ingame: Burner
Script: Burner, sven18koehler, Sven777b, SFM-Modding

Download: Ropa Euro Maus 3 v1 [Depositfiles.com]
Download: Ropa Euro Maus 3 v1 [Rapidgator.net]


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  1. golf56

    what does the mod do

  2. jim

    great mod what is it used for ?? and what equipment do i need in order to use this “ie” trucks, combines or what

  3. Nick

    how do you get the piles to be used withthis machine? after you dump them. i dumped canola on the floor and it becomes like invisable.

  4. David

    To all of you who commented:

    its a sugarbeet cleaner. After the harvester collects them it drops them at the edge of the field. this comes buy and cleans them a bit more and throws em into a trailer

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