Mar 21

Extreme Baling

Extreme Baling

Heath Super Chaser Autostacker
New Holland BB9090
Massey Ferguson 2190 Hesston Series
Fendt 12130N
Bale pusher

Autostacker Operation:

Work/Transport position: Key X
Prepare for unloading postion: Key B
Unload position: Key B
Abort Unloading: Key B
Unload: Key O
Pushing the top bales behind: Key Z

Balers Operation:

Work/Transport position: Key X
Lower/Raise PickUp: Key V
Turn on/off: Key B
Clear the chute for transport mode: Key K
Empty completely the baler to work with other fruit: Key M
Beacon: Key Home
Back work light: key N
TGA Console: Key O (not zero)

MP Ready

Download: Extreme Baling [Depositfiles.com]
Download: Extreme Baling [Uploaded.to]

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