Feb 20

Millstream Multifruit

Millstream Multifruit

This is my first map. It´s based on Risslingby V2 Multifruit by Maklin89. The map is bulit in swedish style. The map is pretty big.

There are 10 fruits: Greenweat, Potato, Sugerbeat, Sunflower, Soyabean, Cotton and the original fruits

Orignial Map Credits:
Map made by:Maklin89

Download: Millstream Multifruit [Depositfiles.com]
Download: Millstream Multifruit [Uploaded.to]


  1. V BM

    It says file is corrupted, cant open the zip file.

  2. Volvo BM

    It says corrupt file,zip wont open…..

  3. fs:-)

    hef you r weg x

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