Jan 03

Nebraska Land

Nebraska Land

Venom for the sale barn
sandgroper of the diesl tank, cattle loadout, and fence
Ace_UK for the starter map
Loose terror for the cattle trailer
Modified Milk mod original by aceofspades and changes by me
Shed by John Magne

Download: Nebraska Land [Freakshare.com]
Download: Nebraska Land [Uploading.com]


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  1. Jack

    good and big

  2. OSuBuckEye

    Hows the frame rates?

  3. Ryan mcminn

    cant figure out were my cows are i bought and were do you feed them no trough please help me

    can you e mail me back an answer ty

  4. shane

    i downloaded this map , saved, and copied into my mods file but it wont show up in the game. any suggestions? ive tried everything i can think of

  5. Matt

    I mowed the clover for hay and after i cut it it didnt grow back.

  6. Enry

    …but….the milk?

  7. skitz

    How do u untarp the manure piles and the beef cattle mod only shows up when hooked onto the planter

  8. OSUBuckEye

    Cattle is located at the larger farm you will see rings in the fields were u put a round bale if you slowly look around you will see your cattle when there ears twitch but dont know how the feeding works havent tried to feed them yet

  9. OSUBuckEye

    I can’t find were to unload silage i seen the manure place but nothing for silage anyone else not finding it.

  10. TheRawDizzle

    How do you install maps like this, do you just unzip it and put everything into the mods folder like any other mods…? thanks in advance

  11. Ryan

    How do you load cows into the cattle trailer?

  12. kyle

    love the map… everytime i try to buy the stock trailer my game freezes and crashes to desktop…any help would be appreciated thanks

  13. kyle

    how do you buy beef cows and load them onto the stock trailer for transport?

  14. Ford Placek

    i just downloaded this map and hopped into the combine and tried to harvest the soybeans and for some reason it will not work. if someone has any clue why it will not work please tell me, i would really like this one to work since i actually farm in Nebraska.

    1. Roylee18

      It might be because of your combine not being able to harvest Soybeans. If the Harvester was a default one from the game, then that would be the problem.

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