Nov 05

Wessex Map

Wessex Map

This is my second map
It has one farm where you can grow and sell Wheat, Oats, maize, Sorghum, Soybean and Alfalfa. Clover can be grown for silage but not sold.
Grain storage at the farm is for Wheat, oats, Maize and Soybean. Just dump the grain as marked at the stone barn at rear of farm.
Crops can be sold at the merchants yard as well as liquid manure. This can be loaded by the pump at the slurry tank with the tanker supplied.
A bale shredder is located at the farm shop outside the village.
Grain can also be sold at the water mill.
Fuel can be purchased at the garage or the farm.
Seeds and fertilizer are located at the farm and merchants yard.

Please note: Clover and alfalfa will re-grow.
Grass and chaff storage is at the farm in the big silage shed.
Unzip and place all files in your mod folder to get the best from the map
Have fun and enjoy the map.

Download: Wessex Map [Hotfile.com]
Download: Wessex Map [Uploading.com]

Big thanks to all the mod makers for the map objects which include:
Giants software
Sheds by LS-UK Mod team
Empty midwest map by jb3pc4sale
Map objects by discoade
Old cottage and barn by griffydam
17th century barn and old wall by willjsavage
Farm fencing by sandgroper
Triggers by cadavar (UK)
Double shed by jd8430t
gas station by troll711
Large cattle shed by william 7530
Yard objects by Deutz Fahruk
Hedge by contrypower
Ballenshredder 2011
PDA Mod by decker_mm1v
Liquid manure mod by janlandby
Wessex Map created and tested by AL69


  1. kels

    the map keeps freezing and i cant play it for more than afew minutes

    hope u can fix it

  2. toni9

    yes me to crash!!!!!!!! fix the map no play. :(:(:(

  3. Road Runner

    cant harvest the soybeans, map also has alot of lag

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