Nov 03

Dodge Dually

Dodge Dually

Dodge 2500 Dually

Mobile Fueltank
4-Wheel Drive
5th wheel with counter weights and moving tailgate
Engine start
Cruise Control

Big Country’s original design

Download: Dodge Dually [Hotfile.com]
Download: Dodge Dually [Uploading.com]


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  1. kenny

    what button do i press to start it? because none of the usual manual starting buttons work

  2. wyatt

    how do u start it

  3. Eric

    how do you start engine

  4. Riaan

    Can you please tell me how the hek do you start this thing. thanx

    1. Lewis

      for some reason most of the time the truck wont work, but you press the number pad enter to start it

      1. Riaan

        can you fix this problem?????

  5. bobby

    what is the winch used for?
    how do i use it?

  6. Devin

    I think the game code is messed up i had to change the wording and it works now but still has gliches

  7. Jacob

    how do you get this truck in the game….i put the files into the mods folder but it doesnt show up in the game..after downloading this with 7-zip it doesnt show up as a zip file….please help

  8. Eiebe

    love this truck use it all the time number pad enter to start wish the winch would work

  9. Brandon

    How do you start the truck on mac cuz fn enter doesn’t work

  10. John M

    U can start the truck by going 2 menu and then controls. Once u get there go down 2 start motor and set what ever button u’d like 2 use.

  11. Devon

    hey man i love this truck but could you create like a flatdeck for it to attach to the fifth wheel to haul like bales or something, that would be great 😀

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