Oct 26

New Fruits For FS 2011

New Fruits For FS 2011

Fruits for installing
The following fruits are included:
betterave, sunflower, oat carrot, carrot, pea, potato, pea, green wheat, lettuce,
, strawberry green onions, chives, pineapple, tea, rice, sugarcane, soybean, cauliflower, kale,
white cabbage, red cabbage, gruenbo, nad, gelbbo, spinach, alfalfa, triticale, radish, mint,
rye, turnip, tomato, artichoke, watermelon, cantaloupe, champingons, eggplant, squash and cotton.
All Foliage,map Fruits and mount Map Guide


Download: New Fruits For FS 2011 [Hotfile.com]
Download: New Fruits For FS 2011 [Uploading.com]


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  1. Patrick Martel

    Comment on installe ce mod?

  2. Patrick Martel

    How do you install this mod?

  3. Gisha

    Don’t work!

  4. grask

    comment installez vous ce mod, est ce qu’il marche avec toute les cartes merci patrick

    1. grask

      je n’ai pas compris un seul mot de votre explication.
      Alors je repose la question.
      Comment vous installé Fruits Nouveau pour FS 2011
      ET? marche t-il avec toutes les cartes merci pour votre réponse

      1. garrett

        Can you explain in english how this mod works plz?

  5. TankCommander

    like a normal mod

    1. willie

      bull shit

  6. Jimmy

    Can someone explain how this works please?

  7. Spartaco

    dove si visualizzano i nuovi frutti?

  8. stumke

    i have installed tis mods but i can’t seed this please help me
    how must i seed this seeds ?

  9. Patrick Martel

    Yes, but i can plant the fruits, i can fill the seeder but i can plant :( .

  10. block


  11. Springy

    Yeah, why cant we plant the seeds? nothing happens when you try planting them

  12. demange

    slt. Pour semer il faut prendre quel semoirs ???

    merci de votre réponse

  13. nicodu61

    tu vas dans mes, document my game mods

  14. John

    I need equipment that can harvest pumkins and watermelons. Any suggestions?

  15. beni b

    can somone please tell me what buttons to press to get this mod on my game i uploaded it and put it in my mods folder and when i go on my game it isnt their so can somone please help me

  16. grimey

    como se instala este mod¿? gracias

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