Oct 25

New Holland TS 135A Pack

New Holland TS 135A Pack

New Holland TS 135A pack is a nice little pack with a NH TS 135A, a NH weight, a NH TS 135A (ready for a frontloader) and a Quicke frontloader.
The TS tractors are further built from the New Holland T6030, by Kaziu1551 and Kara$, with a lot of improvements. If you have tried the T6030 and liked the tractor, you will love my TS 135A.
Multiplayer compatible.

Orginal edit by: Kaziu1551 and Kara$
New design and textures by: ErikDK Modding
New edit by: ErikDK Modding
Frontloader by: Bigfarmer145

Download: New Holland TS 135A Pack [Hotfile.com]
Download: New Holland TS 135A Pack [Uploading.com]

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