Apr 01

Cat D9G

Cat D9G

Potenza:385 CV

Download: Cat D9G [Hotfile.com]
Download: Cat D9G [Uploading.com]


  1. Izohm

    Been looking for an actual dozer forever, so thank you very much for the contribution.

    ==Overall 7/10==

    Mechanics 9/10
    -Simple operation, though the engine start isn’t listed (numpad period). Speeds and maneuvering are reasonable. Most importantly it has the mass to roadkill that damn scarecrow. However, though the blade visually goes into the ground, it doesnt seem to actually have collision all the way. So pushing the scarecrow after you’ve felled him doesn’t work the greatest. Boulders and such would be fine though.

    Asthetics 5/10
    -The texture work on the body feels a little mismatched with the choice on the blade and the treads seem to have a z-fighting or reversed normals thing going on. Not big issues but they detract. The sound though was a bit much. While the shrieking metal screeches certainly sounded realistic, they are also loud and sharp enough that I found myself wanting ear plugs to operate it. Nothing Audacity can’t fix though either.

  2. TooTaLL

    hey thanx so so so much 4 the hard work …..theres alot of cAt fans out here an we thank u 4 keepin them alive an digatized lololol but it would be sooo awsome if u worked on some more old cAts 4 the world to enjoy.lol buy the way the D9g’s my #1 most fave lol its sooo real..my father ran 1 4 10 years lol he heard it an said is tht a cat lol…so….ther u go u kno u nailed th realism lollolol thank u sooo much lol

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