Mar 01

John Deere 9770 STS

John Deere 9770 STS

Edit: tractor-italia

Download: John Deere 9770 STS [Hotfile.com]
Download: John Deere 9770 STS [Uploading.com]


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  1. jesse

    what is different with this new one?

  2. Shaggy

    Can someone please make this without the stupid radar dish/bin cover on top. It looks so stupid. Thanks. Otherwise I like it.

  3. Jfon

    wrong scale still..should hire a midget to run this combine

  4. Mickr4

    The wheels are going trough the ground.. Badly fixed…
    I have personally fixed this combine and uploaded to ls-uk.
    Dont want to be annoying but mine is really fixed… not this one..

  5. Tim

    This works great with the oversized head. hold 35000 of grain and super quick with the oversized head!

  6. Chase

    Does it cost anything to download this mod

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