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Hawk Hills Map V.2 edited by TiagOliveira

Hawk Hills Map V.2 edited by TiagOliveira

Forest/campaign type:
This is an edited of the great HawkHillMap V.1, made by Mickr4, it has 12 Fruits (4 normal + potatos, green wheat, SugarBeet, sunflower, cotton, SoyBean, pea, and oat). Lot of vegetation, forestry area, great atmosphere airplane + traffic + boats, the pda work perfectly, you can store/sell all the available crops, there is 4 selling places where you can sell almost everything as well to fertilizer and seeds. You have a new construction site where you can sell manure. You can sell manure and liquidmanure. Added a Barn XXL, farm animals (goats), there is a nem farmShop, two edited H-Store’s, a gasstation, a Zone Recovery and a lot more.

It’s based on the original map but almost unrecognizable now.
Lots of re-texturing to be prettier was be done by Mickr4.
Highly likely to overpower weak computer (sorry for that but that’s the price of the realism…)

You will need a Harvester/trailers compatible with the fruits that you want to harvest “not included”.

An edition of the Hawk Hills Map V.1 by Mickr4, that was Based on the Wopito Map. I have pumped everything that i found over the internet and tough was cool and included it in this map..

Download: Hawk Hills Map V.2 edited by TiagOliveira [Hotfile.com]
Download: Hawk Hills Map V.2 edited by TiagOliveira [Uploading.com]


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  1. philip61

    i loved the last one v1 so this one should be great too but on v3.0 please add a rice field

  2. Sepple

    In the V3 please fix the Static Actor errors first 😉

  3. J Croft

    What map is in the background ?

    LMAO … sorry, I couldn’t resist. A lot of times when a new mod vehicle, etc. is posted one of the first questions that is posted is “What map is in the background?”

  4. J Croft

    I just drove around a bit and it looks good, I really like the looks of these 2 versions of this map.

    One of the problems that I noticed in the first version which appears to be still the same problem in the second version is the Hire Worker feature does not work. I only tested just now in 2 fields using the same equipment, so I don’t know if others can see this problem with the equipment that they prefer to use.
    I will give you an example … On all of my maps I use a John Deer 8530 v2 and a Lemken Kompaktor 1500 L.
    Upon going to the field and starting it off with Hire Worker, it will start going but you can see by the ground texture that it is not working. But after 18 feet the tractor will stop on it’s own.

  5. J Croft

    Oops, just found out that not only was this was not made by Mickr4, but without his permission or involvement.
    Wow, that’s not cool to edit and then re-post someone else’s hard work.
    It’s one thing to edit a map by putting your own twist on it, then rename it, and give credit to the creator of the original.
    But to edit and re-post it as Hawk Hills v2 is not cool at all.

  6. J Croft

    Mickr4 is in fact working on releasing a real v2 coming soon.

  7. Mickr4

    Totally right.. This is not the V.2 !!!!! It’s a edited version of the v.1… And edited by a nobodies without my permission and he even put the name V.2 on it to top it all… How can those website let him do that with the map on which i work so hard…

    Someone is trying to steel my work >:(

    This is the real V.2 (not released yet)
    P.s. All the bugs are fixed (Those that i know about)

  8. J Croft

    Here is the You Tube link for the preview of the REAL Hawk Hills v2 …


  9. benji8

    Please, how do you to harverst the sugarbeet, sunflowers, etc…. ?

  10. runerr

    please tell me what other crops are harvested?

  11. MeanMachine

    yuo have in Class Lexion 770 tt oversize pack mod on LS-Uk and in thet packmod yuo have cuter for sunflover ,for sugarbeet yuo find this mod pack Hawk Hills Starting Kit Mods Pack

  12. mestre

    can you make a map from a place because I have my environment in my game farming simulator 2011 if you can send me an email at the address etienne.mestre @ orange.fr and I’ll tell you where I live

    1. J Croft

      you could by using google maps (street view), then when you have located the area you want just do a screenshot, and work from that image.

  13. mestre

    the only problem is I do not know how to make a map for farming simulator 2011 can do in my place.
    I would like to reproduce an entire village of Isere in France.

  14. ciccioft

    where can I find on this map the seeds for crops other than 4 normal?(potatos, green wheat, sugar beet, sunflower, cotton, SoyBean, pea, and oat) thanks

  15. mestre

    can you please answer quickly silvous

  16. ciccioft

    HELP!!!!I put my collected in silos to cow mean but now I can no longer retrieve, what do I do … hours of work …

  17. Richard

    I also cannot unload from the silos. Im stuck. Cannot play this until I find an answer and there is no answer to this problem anywhere!

  18. Dave

    Ok how in the heck do you load your crops to sell??
    I have stuff in the silos but can’t unload.

  19. val

    tro a chier

  20. matthew

    I love the stuff that i have

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