Feb 08

USA Map v3 (MP)

USA Map v3 (MP)

This map is 4 times the size of the prevous map I have made. The map has Pioneerseed in middle and 4 around the outside. The fields are huge, with most planted. The map has the normal 4 crops and soybeans, sunflowers, and oat has been added.
There’s places to park your equipment in. There’s chaff and grass silages around the map. You will need big equipment and more manpower to work this farm.
This map has the cowsmeadow and dairy and a bio plant where you can sell you manure, liquid manure, chaff and grass. At the farm there a liquidmanure pipe there at the 2 slurry tanks.


– fly-master

– here´s johny
– Fendt-Vario411

Ich danke folgenden Erbauern für Ihre Gebäude:
– Jesse James (Silo)
– cyber 11 (amerikanische Gebäude)
– Börndi (Halle Flugplatz)
– meistro (Raiffeisen)
– Rincewind (Strohhallen)
– Swat (Fabrik, Tankstelle, Werkstatt, Händler)
– ich weiß bis heute nicht, von wem die Bäume sind, aber trotzdem THX!!
– Bigfarmer (Farm)
– Fatian (BGA)
– janhenrik (Silos)
– Falls ich jetzt hier jemanden vergessen haben sollte, dann Sorry. Er soll sich dann bei mir melden. Er wird dann auch noch in unserem DL-Bereich selbstverständlich genannt.

Download: USA Map v3 (MP) [Hotfile.com]
Download: USA Map v3 (MP) [Uploading.com]


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  1. Lazar Macak

    PDA is not working please fix it

  2. Adam

    Fields are not workable by hired help

  3. Ribac

    Lazare odakle si?

  4. boreelke

    pda does work, but not right

    1. boreelke

      voor de rest is het wel een verrekte mooie map hoor

  5. lyndon

    how do you combine the soybeans and sunflowers

  6. Tom

    PDA is up side down, delete pda_map.dds file, the .png file is correct one, and pda works as for any other big map,

    after you harvest the fields you have to plow them, after that hired help will work on that field

  7. don

    map will not show up in mod

  8. don

    the map will not show up in mods or at menu

  9. Lynx

    I Deleting the dds file dosnt change anything… the map is still up side down, and off grid.
    Even if you turned the map correctly.. its still abit off grid to the left.

  10. Corey

    I loaded the map into the game as you are supposed to. But the map doesn’t show up. Help

  11. George

    3/10 because very time i get into the game it says bad allocation but i liked what i saw of it but it doesnt work most of the time can someone help

  12. antoine

    quelle moisseuneuse faut il pour moissoner les poids ??

  13. Gosmic

    Nice big map tobad for the bug’s/error’s
    Can any 1 fix this pl….

  14. luis alves

    I can not enter the map. Each time a meth map says it is a mistake and I continue to wonder what I’ll fuck yes, but when this game comes to loading the game do not enter. someone can help me please

  15. Luke

    Bit shit, im not gonna lie.

  16. Cash for Junk Cars

    Keep up the good posts- great work.

  17. bernd grelck

    hi.erstmal danke für diese super karte.nur ein proplem wie kann ich die sonnenblumen ernten.bitte um schnelstmögliche antwort.danke im voraus dafür

  18. FordRanger

    Hey, very off subject, whats the class mod in the picture?? the trailer behind that tractor. ive been trying to find it for so long!!!

  19. sune

    i cant download the mod here , i need it , the one i had i lost on a broke hd.

  20. kevin

    where exactly do you sell liquid manure? maybe it has something to do with the trailer I’m using? but I can’t figure where inside the bioplant to sell liquid manure

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