Feb 07

Tatra HKL Pack

Tatra HKL Pack

Edit, convert to LS11: Fundik

Download: Tatra HKL Pack [Hotfile.com]
Download: Tatra HKL Pack [Uploading.com]


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  1. Robin

    hi, how do I start the green truck??


    hello robin
    if you´re english read this:
    if you enter the you see start engine in the infobox.
    behind this is nothing
    to change this you have to take all mods out of the mods folder,
    put them in an other folder whereever you want
    now only put the green truck in the mods folder
    then you start the game
    you click on options and then on controls
    there you have to search for: run / shut down engine
    then you choose the key for starting the engine
    you click on save and then trie it
    after that you can put all mods in the mods folder

    jetzt für deutsche
    ihr müsst alle mods aus dem mods ordner tun irgendwohin wo auch immer ihr wollt

    dann startet ihr das spiel geht auf optionen und dann auf steuerung
    dann sucht ihr start/shut down engine
    dann sucht ihr euch eine taste mit der ihr den motor starten wollt und gebt ihn ein am besten nehmt ihr die enter taste
    dann speichern und ausprobieren
    danach könnt ihr wieder alle mods in den mods ordner tuen

    viel glück
    good luck

  3. ruben5674

    how do I start the green truck???

  4. brandon

    u have it set if u havent changed it. It will be the (enter) key on the number pad (all the way the the bottom left corner).

  5. Steve

    How do I get these mods installed to my game on 2011 I have vista>

    1. TankCommander

      go to
      C:\Users\Rory\Documents\My Games\FarmingSimulator2011\mods
      and put everything in there

  6. scott

    hi i cant get the truck to start please help thankyou

  7. bleadzz

    every thing works really greate the onley one i have truble with is the green white one in the top right corner. i cant empty it :/ exept that after changed keys to the trailer every thing works fine. download is recomended

  8. scott

    how do you fill the fuel tank???

  9. kevin


    I have the problem that when i use the trailer i cant pick up the containers how come please help??

  10. Kai


    geniales Pack, aber für was bitte ist der grüne 20.000 Liter Tank mit dem Rohr?? Dafür finde ich keinerlei Verwendung. Bitte um Hilfe.

  11. lanny

    how do you fill the fertilizer and fuel tanks?

  12. adipask

    hi. i have too this question, how to fill fertilizer tank?

  13. frigoriueq

    how can i pick up containers and stuff because when i hit the x-button he only lift it like auskippen but not to pick up the container

  14. jimbob_isme

    Where you able to fill the fuel tanks?

  15. pack-sack

    Does anyone know how to empty the green and white grain trailer and start the manure spreader.

  16. NateMichigan

    Hey i really would like to get this working in MP, can anyone help me out its a fgreat mod by the way.

  17. David

    how can i pick up containers and stuff because when i hit the x-button he only lift it like auskippen but not to pick up the container

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