Feb 02

FarmLand 2011

FarmLand 2011

What’s new:The map is based on the original map,with great edit,Land dimensions are variable,the map has a pda map,new traffic,new buildings and why not another atmosphere.The fruits are the same like in the original map.

There are a little bug at the traffic,I hope I can fix it in Version 2!

I FOUND A LITTLE BUG!Go in maps/NEW MODELS and rename the Farm folder to 60kmh.The i3d have 17mb,and I think it’s work in multiplayer.

By: mihay92
Thanks to:K87eik for Road Signs
Zippo for Brigde,mud and Fa1 Tree
Badziu For Village Sign
Authors of T.s.z Map for Hazak
Mj31 for wiatamaszyny
wohlstandskind for Road Set

Download: FarmLand 2011 [Hotfile.com]
Download: FarmLand 2011 [Uploading.com]


  1. eric

    it dose not show up in maps

  2. Buz

    Great map. (shows up on here)
    It’s ashame that huge grassland to the south has no access so I had to sell the combine that starts there. :-)

  3. robin

    😀 that map is very nice

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