Jan 14

Krone Big X V12 Cargo

Krone Big X V12 Cargo

The Krone Big X V12 Cargo
Complete mod with forager, header and cargo box.

Modteile vom Krone Big X V8: Modell: raptor; Textur&Ingame: Arnold; Sound:
Exterminator; Script: Headshot XXL
Modteile vom Veenhuis SW550: Modell: Kanalratte, Textur: Kanalratte
BeleuchtungV3: @author Sven777b
Motorstart: @author Templaer
RpmLimiter: @author Templaer
Plane: @author Geri-G (LS-Modsource)
MidSteering: @Unbekannt
KroneHud: @Kyosho

Download: Krone Big X V12 Cargo [Hotfile.com]
Download: Krone Big X V12 Cargo [Uploading.com]


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  1. farm-boy

    mint :) how do you empty it?

  2. hellhawk

    yes i am having the same problem. cant tip it into transport trailer. and if possable could you convert the text to english please.

  3. rob

    use google translator it work then write it down and any way is this v2.0 because there is another one posted a week ago

  4. simon

    it does work to some point then when it comes to hitching the bunker its a pain and liftin the legs and doesnt tip either so all in all not gd

  5. farm-boy

    atfer using it,,,it not very good sorry,,,accelarate,jerks forwards,had to attach the bunker,steering totally wrong,,,,need to be work on,,,looks good

  6. skrijmen4

    My krone big x cargo only works on joskin trans space!!!!!!!
    When i use it on other trailers my game gets stuck and i have get out of by using Q

  7. silviu

    How do I empty the bunker?

  8. romain-50140

    How To Clear It Done?

  9. tigeogr


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