Dec 15

Money Cheat

Money Cheat

Farming Simulator 20011 Money Cheat
– Put this mod in your mods folder
– You heave must be on a vehicles to this mod works
– Then press Ctrl + Alt + B – for money..

Download: Money Cheat [Hotfile.com]
Download: Money Cheat [Uploading.com]


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  1. SuperSeed

    Lamest thing I ever saw uploaded on this site. What’s the point in even playing LS then, when you can just spawn money on you account. 0/10

  2. fxxku2

    I totaly agree takes all the fun out of the game and look how much money u get its rediculus

  3. wille

    I agree with you Superseed, money cheat its just for players who cant play
    “farming simulator 2011” !!!


  4. Lehmann

    0/10! What is fun, if you can get money in 2 seconds? Players who are using this is stupid. Why cant the harvest, cultivate and seed? Its easy and fun?

    Sorry for my bad english, im from Denmark

  5. bas

    how do i have to instal this ?

  6. Snoopy

    whats the point playing this game if you dont earn the money bay working

  7. skidooguy

    or u could just go into ur savegame file and change it to whatever u like. and u can also change ur silo amounts and manure amounts and # of cows too

  8. michiel

    you must co to cocuments my games than savegame 1/ than careermode open this file with wordpad en typ your monny

  9. Zeb

    Whats the point of the game if you become instant Millionaire? I agree with many others that the fun is aiming for the Most expensive tractor or Combine. It takes a real skilled Tactics.

  10. Gamer96

    Does this mod work or does it fail epicly?

  11. martini911

    u can do it witout this cheat!!!
    go to my documents go to games fs 2011 open it then u see all saveames
    go first to your game and there u load a new game an save it ONCE!!
    u will see it in the map fs 2011 savegame1,2,3,4…
    then klick on the game u ONCE saved u will see some XML-documents klick right mouse button on careerSavegame klick on !open with:! (Scrapbook)i dont know what u called it but it is the first one
    u will see mutch words and numbers go shearch for !MONEY=! behind that is the number that u have money u change that to 99999999
    close it and save it u wil now have money=99999999 !!!
    comment if u have some questions

    1. mike

      Do you know how to install mods on the cd version of the game not the dl one off steam. i have the mac version and cant figure it out.

  12. riley

    i don’t no how i can activate it ??

    who can help me, please

  13. Lynx

    Yes Cheating is Lame, and this takes all the fun away from the game.

    I use it on one of my savemaps, Why? you may ask!
    Simple. I use that map to buy and test newly downloaded mods, Test if they work, test if they are playable in multiplayer, before i accually spend my hard earnt money in my savegames.

    Thats the only thing i can see this mod is good for, but hey, people may and can decide for themselves what they will use and what they will not.
    Some people just cant play without cheating!.


    1. Paske

      I agree , specially good if you have to look for a combine that harvest some special crops , some don’t work , some do . With this mod you can have a spare game with loads of money so you can buy and test without spending your hard earned money .

  14. Vujke97

    Where do I put this in MODS or to start it when you turn on the game?

  15. GuteX

    I can’t agree more with Lynx, this cheat is good for only ONE purpose and that is to use an extra saveslot to test new mods and to simply do it fast.

    YET there is no need for a cheat like this since it is SO easy to just change the amount of cash in your savegame file.

    Good luck with the gaming, cheat or no cheat :)

  16. radek123

    siete quasi tutti scemi. capito!!!

  17. radek123

    almost all are idiots. understood!

  18. FS2011Mods

    How I can get all the mods in the game? I have to wait 24hours to download new mod? I downloaded one the tractor and its Valtra N111 red and I downloaded about 15 more mods, and I didnt get the for game?? Please help! (I downloaded at uploading.com)

  19. FS2011Mods

    And what’s wrong? :S

  20. rouland

    c’est trop bien comme sa ca va plus vite a acheter des choses pour les mods les mods c’est trop bien

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