Dec 14

CAT Excavator

CAT Excavator

This crane works with a shovel from a deutz frontloader
It works gread

Model and texture: Zippo

Download: CAT Excavator [Hotfile.com]
Download: CAT Excavator [Uploading.com]


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  1. Donald


    Tractor is a little rough in the looks department, but it all works as said. Once the graphics are cleaned up a little this will be a nice tractor. Good job!

  2. Gontard

    5/10 only because small details are not enouth worked

  3. x convict

    can u make a tracked one?

  4. farmer

    it’s very heavy and slow, you can’t transport it with a truck

  5. Ghost

    what this made for,cuz i tryed to use it but not take any thing up ?

  6. MST

    Zippo,I think you make great mods,pls can you make some big john deere monsters,good looking,and no lag m8 ?I wish I can do it:( hope you or some one else can make that. sry for bad english.

  7. gerard

    its a very cool mod, because all works! it dont have a real function, so i say 7/10

    srry for my bad english 😛

  8. Luke

    Hey wondering if ur able to lower the front plow and rear stabilizers. Shoot me and email on how to. THXS

  9. Diamondpoint

    Works very well–changed the start,run, and stop files, yes its heavy but there is a truck & trailer that will transport it–the bucket u want is the fillable bucket from the “CAT BackHoe Pack” in it there is a bucket marked “fillable”, and yes if the stabalizers bars in back worked and the wheels more detailed plus working bk lights it would be 100% i rate it a 90%—i just might work on the wheels.

  10. bleadzz

    how can u change the keys on mods couse i wanna use this with my bale fork that lock the bales with x so it will let the bals go every time i turn the main cab. please let me know

  11. Goril

    this look nice to get other tractor out of the river insted of reseting all vehicule or wen they are stock someware can someone make a toe-bar or somthing to pull other tractor pls .

  12. jack

    can you change the controls so we can sort out what buttons (and joystick) we want to use (i don’t have a num pad) as i have a laptop… and lockable bale fork/bucket

  13. Gabri

    How does the blade and the outriggers work, email me

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