Dec 10

Landwirtschaft Forst Map (beta)

Landwirtschaft Forst Map (beta)

Umbau der Orginal MAP Ordaton
Tips/Vorschläge Ideen Micha88
Eingesendet von >>Steyr 15er<<Download: Landwirtschaft Forst Map (beta) [Hotfile.com]
Download: Landwirtschaft Forst Map (beta) [Uploading.com]


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  1. imakethelighton

    Perfekt Map!!! I like it!!! Thanks!!

  2. tony

    this is good map

  3. x convict

    is good map

  4. Paul

    i have a question,
    where i have to put the tree in, to make some pallet with blocks.
    and where i have to deliver the pallets>?
    please answer soon.

    ( sorry for english, i’m from holland)

    1. wietse

      paul heb je al wat te horen gekregen zit precies met de zelfde vraag vandaar gr wietse

  5. Rob

    its a shity map cause when i put it in my mods map and i start the game it does not show up in maps area help

    1. tony

      put in mods. not mods map

  6. john

    how do i cut down these trees?

    1. Lauro

      Download mods with mechines for that

  7. LARS

    go where mill is to make pallets can you make me a grapple please thabks

  8. Ghost

    Ehhhh,why cant i use seed on this map ??????? And why is it lagg so much
    Why is the eart so ugly when you have harvest,it looks like if some have drag the dog into a carpet looks BAD..muha lol

  9. Ghost

    PS: How can i make my own map ?

  10. Franclin

    how you have to install this map?

  11. HaugE

    were do i deliver the trees and were can i get some pallets??

  12. Felix

    Good Map !!!! I like it!!!!

  13. Lostroads

    Sweet map but it laggs bad ! But i like it. Why so much lagg ?

    1. cj

      what system are u using?

  14. Ghost

    Not good this,i cannot seed on this map.. and why it lag like ****

  15. Ghost

    Is this the only map in zip with trees to work with,and why its lagging so much and why cannot seed on this map,how i change that ?

  16. Ghost

    minus becuz cannot seed
    minus becuz of this lag

    I cannot give ANY plus point cuz what is the hole map worth if not can seed ? Only minus for this BETA map.. please make sure it works b4 put here that would be nice… :-(

  17. anoniem

    Where should you save, and how open it?
    I already tried a few times. Please help me.

    Sorry for the bad english but I’m from Belgium

  18. patruski

    do the logs reset?

  19. thom

    jai un probleme car des que je veux lance la nouvelle carte un message derreur saffiche pourquoi je ne ses pas est je voudrai svoir pourquoi merci

  20. Jim

    how do you cut down tree on this map. well to be honest how does this mod/map work? what do i need to harvest on it?

    1. Chris

      You need the mods from the “Forestry & Logging” area of the site.


  21. cedric

    Ik kan geen hout oprapen.

  22. sheba

    my does not pop up when u go to maps on the game

  23. majmun100

    this map is good i love it

  24. majmun100

    this map is good i love it i have landwirtschafts simulator 2011 english version

  25. sheba

    will some one please tell me how to fix my it doesn pop up

  26. Hayden

    to install this, or any of these mods, I use WinMount. IDK if the free version will work or not, but I do know all you have to do when you download the maps/mods, is copy and paste the “WinMount archiver” file into my mods folder.
    The path to my mods folder is:
    C:\Users\\Documents\My Games\FarmingSimulator2011\mods

    ( I am on Windows 7 Ultimate 64bit)

  27. marisa

    the maps great but my only problem is i cant find out where to sell my crops to make enough money to buy logging equipment! can someone pls pls help me find out where to sell the crops?????? PLS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Lauro

      Input cheats in the game

  28. jeppedyrbye(DK)

    where the hell should I tip the grass?
    where the cows eat, I’ve tried, but it will not!
    and down to the other farm in silos run it does not count up the grass computer checkers.
    HELP ME! :)
    sorry my stupid english..

  29. plaalaalaa

    How do you install this map into the game? i tried to put this into mods folder, but it doesnt show up into the game.. :/ please tell me how u did install this…

  30. laalaapai

    Why I can’t play this map? It Stops at the “Game is being loaded, please wait…” It never loads… .H.E.L.P.!.
    sorry my bad english

    1. mason lanier

      hey do u kno the web site to play this game

  31. mason lanier

    hey u there

  32. kameron

    je ne trouve pas ou vendre les arbres quelqu’un peut m’aider ???
    I can’t find who sell trees anyone can help me ?

  33. baxius

    why it’s not working it loading and then ERROR and the game off :) (sry for bad english)

  34. bob

    there is a pack of logs you can download to have fun with the orginal map or a mod map

  35. hunter

    i cant download hotfile can i on the other 1

  36. SIMON12

    excusez moi ece que devrège télécharger cette carte ? merci de me répondre

  37. morgan

    dude or dudet can u give me the script or gui code and email me

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