Nov 12

Heavy Transport Pack

Heavy Transport Pack

Scania V8: =GWo= DopeEx
Bitrem trailer pack: Sandro
Trailtech trailers: xyzspain

Download: Heavy Transport Pack [Hotfile.com]
Download: Heavy Transport Pack [Uploading.com]


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  1. dutch farmer

    cutter wil fall of the trailer
    how can i mount them

  2. Ray

    How do you get those headers nice&perfect on that trailer???My headers keep falling off, when I want them to stand up(like yours!)

  3. martin

    How do you add the headers to the trailer

  4. okaisn

    how di you add header trailer to the combain trailer??

  5. Ghost

    Yeah, i have the same problem here,when try to load headers on trailer the trailer kick the headers 10 miles away,can it be fix ?

  6. Winnerz

    Same problem here with trailer – I have NHCR9090_2011_v11 – Combine, header is falling off :(

  7. simon

    i have a probleme to download this truck what type shoud i download??

  8. wes

    hey i cant get this working help?

  9. ola

    try to prees q

  10. LSmodman

    when u first get the trailer, the bars are straight up and down. press B once and wait for them to stop moving. they will be flat at the end. place the header on top of the flat bar and disconnect it. then press B again and the header should stick to the pole. repeat process for other side

  11. pwl8600

    the truck drives to slow at level 2 speed and accelerates to fast pressing “W” it almost flyes….

  12. Tim

    Hi, can’t get the two bin trailers to join together. How can this be fixed?

  13. Tommy

    Why dont i get the Trailers? only the trucks?:S

  14. "johnny"

    to connect the two trailers you first connect the one wit a hook or connection point first and put its end where it should connect close to the second trailer. When it is close you press Q. The connection icon doesnt always come up. And about the header trailer. HOW THE “&”!”%&ยค#”@ are you supposed the get two headers on it??????? Does it require a specific header type? ( I use the most expensive stock header)

  15. "johnny"

    The second most expensive stock header works a lot better than the most expensive header. Sorry for my bad language

  16. "johnny"

    Good mod, possible improvements:

    1. Try to make the header trailer easier to use (i.e. attach headers)
    2. Improve the truck, take a look into the speed and then some of the textures especially in the rear end
    3.Set different folding/unfolding keys for header and combine trailer

  17. Louis37140

    the movie link : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kRhJhL2TtMw&feature=player_embedded

    1. veinslain

      hey, what map du you have? thx!

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