Nov 08

Fliegl ASW ULW

Fliegl ASW ULW

Model: Bigfarmer145
Edit: Siwus
Script: Outlaw
Edit for LS11: DjLukes

Download: Fliegl ASW ULW [Hotfile.com]
Download: Fliegl ASW ULW [Uploading.com]


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  1. Destrey

    Trailer rolls all over the place. Doesnt pull stable at any speed

  2. Bartus

    hello, nice mod.
    On what map did you make this picture?
    It looks Awesome.

    thanks for any reply’s

  3. Destrey

    Very unstable trailer

  4. Dark Brotherhood

    use the original trailer they work fine

  5. Claas:xerion

    i can’t fill the trailer ?! can somebody help me !?

  6. eelco

    to me he does nothing

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