Oct 27

Fliegl Hakenlift System

Fliegl Hakenlift System

Fliegl hook lift by Hoschiander
Rebuilt for mein-ls and Modsource
Original Manuel L.
Original LS08-Mod by Face & steyr
LS2011 Adaption Elli

Download: Fliegl Hakenlift System [Hotfile.com]
Download: Fliegl Hakenlift System [Uploading.com]


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  1. TV

    Very nice mod, but the hook will only lift half the way so it is impossible to get the container on. Any solutions?

    1. CB

      You are using the wrong button ? :)
      Try Z, I think that worked in LS09

      1. memo

        can u tell me for what’s that little white bucket for??

        1. CB

          No idea .. Think its just a dummy object 😉

          Correct me if im wrong … I’ve just played with it a couple of times to learn working with the crane 😉

  2. memo

    what’s that bucket for? it can be filled with seeds.. for what?

  3. Dark Brotherhood

    yea me to i don’t know what the white bucket for and i don’t know how to fill the diesel orange tanker ? ..and the blue tanker is for what ???

    1. CannaB

      You dont need to fill the yellow tanker ? or ?
      It already contains diesel ….

      The blue one I think is for manour..

  4. Dark Brotherhood

    how to fill the diesel orange tanker ? ..and the blue tanker is for what ???

  5. Silver

    Bleu is for fertiliser

    and you don’t need to fill them just get close to it and you can fill the sprayer or tank diesel

    1. Dark Brotherhood

      thank you man i will try that

  6. marthon

    I got LS 2011,, and I’ve tryed out all buttons and i only lift the crane to it is 90degres and then the stolpes on the lift just started to go upp again,, what shall i do to move the crane ? =) THANKS =)

  7. Lars

    Is it possible and if, how do you operate the crane? I found out you can put the legs down by pressing O but I can’t work out how to move the crane itself.

  8. Alan1for

    Use O to put the legs down then use 1,3,4,5,6,7,8 and 9 on the number key pad to work the crane. Yellow and blue containers don’t need filling up, park them where you need them STILL ON THE TRAILER and pull up to the blue to fill your sprayer or the orange one to fill with fuel. As for the buckets you use them for emptying the combine into. load three onto the crane trainer, pull up beside the combine and extend the combines arm as usual over the buckets to fill them….to empty them pull up to your silos, use the crane to pick a bucket up and hover it over the silo grate and press Q to empty the bucket. OH AND PRESS NUMPAD 0 FOR THEY KEY PRESS HELP

  9. Cuka

    Is it poss. to get a tank or something for seed in this mod?

  10. santi

    I got LS 2011 and i can use the lift up with the button X but it lift only the half way and i can not the containers pull up pleas tell me how can i do the lifter up to work with containers thanks

    1. Ask_Jeroen

      You need to use the Z button to use the lifter it and the Q button to hook the container up.

    2. Matija

      now you know how to use this trailer

  11. Ghost

    pls make mod for seed that would be cool… :-)

  12. noel

    how do i get the hook lift to go back

  13. Donovan

    This mod is stinking awesome!

  14. Donovan

    Just to be clear for everyone; you don’t need to fill the tankers! They are like the stations at your home, they have infinite supply and you pay for the liquid as you dispense from it into your tractor or sprayer. You do NOT “fill the tank”. You can buy just the diesel tank (yellow tank) and refill from it as soon as it appears at the store parking lot, etc. Same goes for the fertilizer tank (blue tank), you can fill up a sprayer right on the spot.
    The Haken Lift trailer has two actions that you can activate and de-activate. The first is to load and unload a tanker or storage bin. In the photo above, you can see a hook poking out the back of the trailer. That is the extended position to hook onto the tanks or bins. If you press that button again (after pressing the right button to “attach” the tank to the hook), it will swing up and forward to pull the tank/bin onto the trailer (it is already extended in the photo above).
    The other button/mode is to tilt the front of the bed of the trailer up like a dump truck or flat bed tow truck. That is used to dump stuff out of the back of the bins like a “tipper”.
    The yellow and black crane arm in the background of the photo is only used with the little boxes to load them up and dispense them. There is an entire set of commands that will show up on the screen when you activate it (essentially with the keypad). To reach boxes close to the crane, you have to pivot the “elbow” of the crane up and fold the crane arm in half, etc. The crane needs to be “activated” first; it’ll extend support posts down and then the commands will pop up on the screen.
    Hope that helps! The HakenLift system is working for LS2011!

  15. eelco

    strange to me there is no instruction from the crane, you know

    respond quickly

  16. kevin

    this really doesn´t work in 2011 you can only use X to lift the hook 90 dgrees and then you cant do anything nothing works!! how come??

  17. kevin

    How do you switch the funtion? wich keys i dont have the menu!


  18. wildman

    ok i figured it out after you hook up and back up to the piece you want on the trailer push and hold the Z button untill the hook is fully extended when you get it out it will show for you to hit the Q button and hook it on then it will drag up on the trailer then you can put the legs down to use the crane with the number pad buttons and the x button works it like a dump truck a true modeler puts instructions on how to work there mods and makes sure every thing works with NO errors 90% of the mods i have tried are no good this one is good just takes time to get use to it

  19. lebanonrefugee

    Of course, on QWERTZ keyboards to extend the arm to hook something to the lift you press ‘Y’.

  20. slowpoke

    A+++ 10/10 works great but what im looking for is a trailer or container to haul manure to sell at bio plant not a spreader pls help

  21. Sjako

    how is the hook on the crane

  22. darkknight67

    How do I get fuel tank to fill up ?

    any tips

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