Oct 21

Money Cheats

Money Cheats

– Put this mod in your mods folder
– You heave must be on a vehicles to this mod works
– Then press Ctrl + Alt + B – for money..

Credits: ghost1

Download: Money Cheats [Hotfile.com]
Download: Money Cheats [Uploading.com]


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  1. jerry

    haw can I do that

  2. Joe

    I don’t see a Mods folder in 2011…so how does this work? I did make up a folder called MODS, added as suggested, but still not working. Please explain. Thanks

  3. Joe

    Anyone know how to make this work for Farm2011 running under Win-7 ?

  4. JollyColaN

    if you have windows vista you enter the map called documents–> my games–> farming simulator–> mods

  5. Adam

    It’s really good .. :)

  6. Dllfile

    Game is already easy enough to make cash in – but why not just edit savegame? :S

    \Your Documents\My Games\FarmingSimulator2011\SAVEGAMESLOT#

    Open careerSavegame with a text editor, edit money= (ex money=”1000000″)

  7. theduck80

    can not understand the point of the money cheat even in 09 it ruins the whole point of the game ie earning it money cheats are a insult to the game no dis to the creator

    1. Anton


      1. Scooby Doo

        You are ruining the game bro.
        Money Cheats ruins the game play
        of you having to bust your butt to get it.

        Earning money in this game is really easy.
        Just go out and FARM..!!
        thats what the game is called anyways……lol

        1. George

          i agree with Scooby-Doo and the dog Scooby is awesome but ya it kinda does but if i got it all i would do is get tons of cows lol

  8. niels

    ctrl – alt – B

  9. Gontard

    it’s a bit boring but useful

  10. Felix

    Cooooooooooooooooooler Mod !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. Dark Brotherhood

    useless 0/10

  12. rob

    how much do u get

  13. Nathan


  14. thoubias

    Money codes is boring. Who want do anything, if have 199999999999… etc. money? Money cheat, and BOF! ALL fun is lost from gameplay.

  15. john

    i love the money cheat

  16. john

    i agree scooby doo it is about farming

  17. adrian

    good workin money mod i like it

  18. roy

    how can i use the money chea?? tell me pls

  19. Nema111

    Haha, got to give it a try, but it’s a bit boring if you can just buy everything you want to – Then it’s just pointless to USE the stuff you buy!

    But i have another money “Cheat” for Farming Simulator 2011 …

    1. gijs032

      wat is die dan

  20. Nema111

    This is a kinda bether way to get money …

    Go to the folder, everyone should know where to fint that folder.

    1. My Games
    2. FarmingSimulator2011
    3. savegame1 if that’s the career u use.
    4. Then, right click on the careerSavegame and click “Edit”
    5. Then it should open in a Text Document or something like that.
    6. Fint the , if you can’t find it press “CTRL + F” and searh for money then press …
    7. Then you can just change your money value to whatever you wish.

    \`Remember to save the Text Document or what the hell after doin’ this, then open Farming Simulator 2011 and, yeah …

    Have fun!

  21. Lewis

    If you have the DLC 2 pack, you can place the windmills and solar panels and earn lots of money, cause overnight i earned 500,000 dollars

  22. swazy express

    my level lags a lot does any one know why? i have a mod is that the reason

  23. liam

    it is shit I installed the mod and it did not even work one bit I was in the tractor and pressed ctrl- alt- b did not work

  24. oisin

    I know how to do it go on farming simulator then drive around the lizard for a second then save. Go into documents and right click edit delete your money and put in a much as you want

  25. Chloe

    I can’t get farming simulator 2011 to have modes and money cheats! Can someone help me. Chloe x

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