Oct 20

Landwirtschafts Simulator 2011 Multiplayer Video

Video by: TheRittmeyer


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  1. memo

    how work the MP.. please write in ENG.. ich keine spreche Deutsch :)

    1. henk

      jaa idd ik speche dat ook nicht zo goedXD

    2. dav

      so we should play agrar simulator

  2. LsFan

    Very good video. Pls tell how really work MP…..

  3. KBoy

    Why I can`t play in MP?

    1. admin

      Did you download Farming Simulator 2011 – Update 1 ?

      1. KBoy

        Just install it, but the Product key don`t work

        1. rob

          why does it not work what happens

  4. KBoy

    MP don`t work with Update 1

  5. Kramp

    when i install patch for mp then my product key wont work. WHY??? PLEASE HELP. THANKS

  6. gnjurac

    pleas give me a link where I can find Farming Simulator 2011 – Update 1

    1. rob

      http://www.landwirtschafts-simulator.de/fs2011Update.php this is were the update is

    2. savu petru

      salut eu sunt romin

  7. bertu91

    i install update 1 but my serial do nothing…help me please

  8. RSA1

    Can I Play On Lan Only ? No Inernet Conection But 2 Computers On Lan

  9. danijel

    please give me you say that to play MP, what I do, please

  10. danijel

    tell me everything, what to take off and what all we have to do that for MP

  11. Deutz

    I have installed update 1, but when runs the game does not accept my product key …. where to find the key to be able to run …. please reply !!!!!

  12. danijel

    Please someone let me explain how to play multiplayer, and what can be purchased to play it please, if you want me to Re e-mail

  13. tilen

    Could someone tell me please the title of tha first music here on this video. Thank you

  14. Beisern

    Hey, why can`t we play with mods in multiplayer?

    when i touch the mods button when i create server it doesent show up anything!

  15. Paul

    hi, my multiplayer doesnt work
    i have install the patch, but now i need a cd key. But i dont have it.
    is there one way to get it or buy it?!?.
    or can you send an original code to my email: paul.koppen@hotmail.com

  16. croatian player

    CD key > serials.ws ( http://www.serials.ws/all/?l=l ),
    which patch/version i must have to play MP? I downloaded the game but MP is not working.What should I do that I can play MP? I read ti somewher that you must buy original game to play MP, is that truth?
    (Sorry for my bad english i am from Croatia) kristian.marjanovic@gmail.com

  17. Baskowsky

    how to play multiplayer….please help!!!

  18. Hop

    Yes,you need to buy game for multiplayer!!!
    On pirated version dont work multiplayer -.-
    That sux :)

    1. abel663

      What do u mean buy it? I bought the game online, and downloaded the files to install it. Do you mean u have to order the game and have it shipped to me? Because i downloaded the game and it wont let me use mods in multiplayer at all. And i have over 30 mods.

  19. DjTino49(CRO)

    Can I Play On Lan Only what my brother at home

  20. 45g

    haha Sprechen deutsch Kein problem

  21. AsC

    Who knows?

    which patchs need to play multiplayer…..

  22. Niels

    When i will start a MP game, it can’t find any og my mods, eaven if they are MP ready? what to do?

  23. raitis

    plis say farming simulator 2011 v2.2 product key

    1. Asbjørn


      its german and dont work for online but it works singleplayer:enjoy

      1. Teh Farmhar

        This serial works fine, but i still can;t multiplayer

  24. oleg

    I do not know what to do.Added the version is outdated.Also there are two options to renew and return.Stranger to the official site and there wrote that version is already setting.Turning to want to play games online and says that version is outdated.

  25. Asbjørn

    heres the cd key but it dont work for online.

    And it also german…:P

  26. cristi

    pls.v 2.2 serial

  27. saghi

    how to play multiplayer?

  28. artis

    wuy doesnt mi multiplayer work but buyed cds farming vorks???

  29. tomislav

    jel moze server neki za fs 2011

  30. rinalds

    plz say a farming simulator 2011 multiplayer password to play a game server plz plz

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