Oct 18

Kompaktomat K1570

Kompaktomat K1570

Transport/Working mode – button X
Save mode On/Off – button – B
Warning. Maximum working speed of 20 km / h. Coupler could be damaged! Damage requires manual repair. For repairing push button O. Attention! Any other repair requires a higher amount of money.

model Maca
script Defender
treatment for LS11 Defender

Download: Kompaktomat K1570 [Hotfile.com]
Download: Kompaktomat K1570 [Uploading.com]


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  1. Nurhab

    This is a nice implement. However it needs a life function. cornering with this down isnt the greatest. Lifting it would help solve this problem. There is no lift function so I have to continually fold this. Put a lift function in please!

  2. b

    how to repair?

  3. Derek

    Great Job! man keep making these implements BIG, I love having to make the tractor work! thnx

  4. dusty

    i put this in my mod folder just like i did with all my other ones and it didn’t work. what am i doing wrong with this one?

  5. tom

    if you leave it attatched to your vehicle and save it stuffs up and ends upside down..pllllzzzzzz fix!

  6. bob

    is that an airdrill?

  7. bob

    does it have a hitch on ti

  8. bob


  9. Anthony

    I had to come to this mod because no one was going to orchad farm and telling me how to open the gates so if any one has it please tell me

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